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2021 Game Of Thrones Iron Anniversary Series 1 - GOT Laser - Card Set


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Quick Info:
Release Date: June 16, 2021
Hobby Config: 6 Cards Per Pack, 8 Packs Per Box, 10 Boxes Per Case
Inside the Box: 1 Inscription Autograph, 1 Additional Autograph

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Name Number Card Set Print Run Team
Viserys Targaryen LC37 GOT Laser
Grand Maester Pycelle LC39 GOT Laser
Grenn LC41 GOT Laser
Lancel Lannister LC43 GOT Laser
Osha LC45 GOT Laser
Lysa Arryn LC47 GOT Laser
Benjen Stark LC49 GOT Laser
Syrio Forel LC51 GOT Laser
Loras Tyrell LC53 GOT Laser
Jaqen Hghar LC55 GOT Laser
Eddison Tollett LC57 GOT Laser
Podrick Payne LC59 GOT Laser
Ser Gregor Clegane LC61 GOT Laser
Meera Reed LC63 GOT Laser
Locke LC65 GOT Laser
Qyburn LC67 GOT Laser
Walder Frey LC69 GOT Laser
Lord Mace Tyrell LC71 GOT Laser
Spice King LC73 GOT Laser
High Sparrow LC75 GOT Laser
Septa Unella LC77 GOT Laser
Lord Edmure Tully LC79 GOT Laser
Pyat Pree LC81 GOT Laser
Balon Greyjoy LC83 GOT Laser
Mance Rayder LC85 GOT Laser
Ser Meryn Trant LC87 GOT Laser
Euron Greyjoy LC89 GOT Laser
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GOT Laser - Card Set Checklist




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