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And all kinds of sports or entertainment memorabilia, that's what this website is about. Collecting and having as much fun as possible while doing it. Whether you collect Hockey base cards from 2015 or if your into the new and cute Funko Pop! Vinyl figures, chances are you will want to know what is available and here is where you can quickly find out. Over a hundred thousand pages jam packed full of collectibles covering just about anything you can imagine.


Group Breaks

Our sport checklists differ from most other sites because we include extra features such as separate Team pages and the total card counts for each Team. Thousands of people return to breakninja daily to quickly look up the cards for their favorite teams, and to see what is new or to try and get the advantage in the fun world of box breaking. We also have a custom made, ad free Case Break App that works instantly with no download required, Click Here to Try It.


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If you are looking for a different kind of overview of a new product with lots of sample pictures and handy information, head over to our blog at where Matt will keep you up to date on all the latest goodies in the collecting world.

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On our pages you will see plenty of pictures of trading cards and other cool collectible items for sale, breakninja does earn commissions on any qualifying purchases made. Take advantage of our All In One Ebay Search which quickly shows 3 kinds of results and up to 300 items at once, or our Amazon Search always has great prices on just about anything and don't forget their famous super fast shipping.

The Ebay Doozies

Some trading cards are insanely expensive, this section will show the highest priced ebay cards at this moment. And to weed out the silly listings, they must all have at least one bid.



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