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2020 Topps Star Wars Holocron - Sketch - Card Set


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Quick Info:
Release Date: December 30, 2020
Hobby Config: 8 cards per pack, 18 packs per box, 12 boxes per case
Inside the Box: 1 Autograph or Sketch Card - 36 Parallels and 18 Inserts

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Name Number Card Set Print Run Team
Adam Beck Sketch
Alex Iniguez Sketch
Alex Mines Sketch
Allen Grimes Sketch
Andrew Fernandes Sketch
Andrew Fry Sketch
Andrew Joynes Sketch
Andy Bohn Sketch
Angel Aviles Sketch
Anil Sharma Sketch
Anthony Ellison Sketch
Anthony Skubis Sketch
Ashlee Brienzo Sketch
Ashley Marsh Sketch
Ashley Villers Sketch
Barry Renshaw Sketch
Ba?ak ?etinkaya Sketch
Benjamin Lombart Sketch
Bobby Blakey Sketch
Brad Hudson Sketch
Brendan Purchase Sketch
Brent Ragland Sketch
Brent Scotchmer Sketch
Brett Farr Sketch
Bruce Gerlach Sketch
Caleb Hildenbrandt Sketch
Can Baran Sketch
Candice Dailey Sketch
Carlos Cabaleiro Sketch
Chris Colyer Sketch
Chris Jenkins Sketch
Chris Kay Sketch
Chris Quinn Sketch
Chris Thorne Sketch
Cisco Rivera Sketch
Clara Bujtor Sketch
Colin Arthurs Sketch
Cyrus Sherkat Sketch
Dan Gorman Sketch
Dan Tearle Sketch
Daniel Riveron Sketch
Darrin Pepe Sketch
Dave Gaskin Sketch
David Jackowski Sketch
David Storey Sketch
Dawn Murphy Sketch
Doug Snodgrass Sketch
Dylan Riley Sketch
Eric Lehtonen Sketch
Frank Kadar Sketch
Frank Sansone Sketch
Fredd Gorham Sketch
Garrett Dix Sketch
Gavin Williams Sketch
George Joseph Sketch
Gerard Garcia Jr. Sketch
Guilherme Rocha Sketch
Ian MacDougall Sketch
Ingrid Hardy Sketch
Jamie Cosley Sketch
Jamie Richards Sketch
Jason Adams Sketch
Jason Davies Sketch
Jason Miller Sketch
Jason Montoya Sketch
Jason Queen Sketch
Jay Manchand Sketch
Jeff Abar Sketch
Jeff Mallinson Sketch
Jeffrey Cox Sketch
Jessica Hickman Sketch
Jim Mehsling Sketch
Jim ORiley Sketch
John Bruce Sketch
John DiBiase Sketch
Jon McKenzie Sketch
Jonathan Beistline Sketch
Jose Ventura Sketch
Josh Church Sketch
Jude Gallagher Sketch
Justin Castaneda Sketch
Kaela Croft Sketch
Kallan Archer Sketch
Karl Jones Sketch
Keith Farnum Sketch
Kevin Cleveland Sketch
Kevin Graham Sketch
Kursat Cetiner Sketch
Kyle Hickman Sketch
Lee Lightfoot Sketch
Lindsey Greyling Sketch
Logan Monette Sketch
Louise Draper Sketch
Madison Emerick Sketch
Maggie Ransom Sketch
Mai Irving Sketch
Marcia Dye Sketch
Mark Necchi Sketch
Marlo Agunos Sketch
Marsha Parkins Sketch
Matt Stewart Sketch
Matthew Hirons Sketch
Matthew Lopez Sketch
Mayumi Seto Sketch
Michael Mastermaker Sketch
Michael Sealie Sketch
Michelle Rayner Sketch
Mick and Matt Glebe Sketch
Mike Stephens Sketch
Mohammad Jilani Sketch
Nathan Ohlendorf Sketch
Neil Camera Sketch
Nick Allsopp Sketch
Nick Gribbon Sketch
Norviento Basio Sketch
Omar Salinas Sketch
Patricio Carrasco Sketch
Patrick Davis Sketch
Phil Hassewer Sketch
Phillip Trujillo Sketch
Quinton Baker Sketch
Rebecca Sharp Sketch
Rees Finlay Sketch
Rich Hennemann Sketch
Rich Molinelli Sketch
Richard Serrao Sketch
Rob Teranishi Sketch
Robert Hendrickson Sketch
Rodney Roberts Sketch
Ronnie Crowther Sketch
Ryan Finley Sketch
Ryan Olsen Sketch
Sammy Gomez Sketch
Scott Harrell Sketch
Seth Groves Sketch
Shane McCormack Sketch
Shaow Siong Sketch
Solly Mohamed Sketch
Stephanie Swanger Sketch
Steve Fuchs Sketch
Thomas Amici Sketch
Tim Dowler Sketch
Tim Shinn Sketch
Travis Kinnison Sketch
Trent Westbrook Sketch
Veronica Smith Sketch
Vincenzo DIppolito Sketch
Ward Silverman Sketch
Wayne Tully Sketch
Zach Woolsey Sketch
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