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2019 Flair Marvel Checklist

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Angel Ant-Man Apocalypse Avengers Beast Bishop Black Panther Black Widow Boom Boom Cable Captain America Carnage Colossus Cyclops Daredevil Deadpool Doctor Strange Domino Dr Doom Dr Octopus Drax Galactus Gambit Gamora Ghost Rider Green Goblin Groot Hawkeye Hulk Iceman Iron Fist Iron Man Jubilee Juggernaut Kingpin Legion Loki Luke Cage Magneto Moon Knight Mr Sinister Mystique Namor Nick Fury Nightcrawler Punisher Rocket Raccoon Rogue Sabretooth Silver Surfer Spider-Man Star-Lord Storm Thanos The Hulk Thor Venom Yondu

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Card Sets
1994 Buybacks Anti-Matter Artist Auto Base Set Lucky 8 Matter Pieces of Flair Power Blast Singularity Sketch Cards Stained Glass Through The Ages Totemic Teams

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Product Specifics



6 Cards Per Pack; 9 Packs Per Box; 16 Boxes Per Case (2 Inners)


Box Breakdown:


9 Flairium; 2 Totemic Teams; 1 Matter or Anti-Matter; 1 Pieces of Flair; 1 Through the Ages




90-Card Base Set - Featuring All Original Art.
Artist Roster includes Bill Sienkiewicz, Ray Lago, Tom Fleming, Dave DeVries, Kathryn Steele, and many more.
Chase Rare Artist Autographed Cards.
Look for New and Throwback Premium Insert Designs, such as the Power Blast Spectrum, Pieces of Flair Patch Cards, Singularity, Stained Glass Plexiglas Cards, Totemic Teams, Lucky 8’s, and Through the Ages!
PIECES OF FLAIR – Manufactured patches designed from iconic comic book corners. Collect all 37!
SINGULARITY – Collaged character cards within corresponding silhouettes.
STAINED GLASS – Plexiglass cards inspired by stained glass artistry.
TOTEMIC TEAMS – Collect and stack notable teams from the Marvel Universe!
LUCKY 8’s – A new design take on the classically inspired Precious Metal Gems.
THROUGH THE AGES – Take a look at characters and how they have changed from their initial appearance to modern day!
60-Card Flairium Insert Set - Shines the spotlight on 6 Notable Artists: Peach Momoko, Sean “Cheeks” Galloway, Jeff Esley, Jim Pavelec, E.M. Gist,and Jonathan Wayshak!
Look for RARE Artist Autographed Flairium Cards!
Find 1994 & 1995 Flair Marvel Buybacks!
Chase 1-of-1 Original Art Sketch Cards!



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