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2021-22 Onyx Vintage Basketball


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Quick Info:
Release Date: September 24th - 2021
Approx Price: $70 USD
Hobby Config: 4 Cards Per Pack - 1 Pack Per Box - 24 Boxes Per Case
Inside the Hobby Box: 2 Autograph Cards - 2 Base Cards

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All Players Keyon Dooling Tyler Dorsey Damyean Dotson Chris Douglas-Roberts Goran Dragic Zoran Dragic Clyde Drexler Andre Drummond



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Name Number Card Set Print Run Team
AJ Lawson Base Atlanta
AJ Lawson Blue Signatures Atlanta
AJ Lawson Green Signatures 50 Atlanta
AJ Lawson Red Signatures 25 Atlanta
AJ Lawson Black Signatures 5 Atlanta
Allan Flanigan Base Auburn University
Allan Flanigan Blue Signatures Auburn University
Allan Flanigan Green Signatures 50 Auburn University
Allan Flanigan Red Signatures 25 Auburn University
Allan Flanigan Black Signatures 5 Auburn University
Alperen Sengun Base Houston
Alperen Sengun Blue Signatures Houston
Alperen Sengun Green Signatures 50 Houston
Alperen Sengun Red Signatures 25 Houston
Alperen Sengun Black Signatures 5 Houston
Ayo Dosunmu Base Chicago
Ayo Dosunmu Blue Signatures Chicago
Ayo Dosunmu Green Signatures 50 Chicago
Ayo Dosunmu Red Signatures 25 Chicago
Ayo Dosunmu Black Signatures 5 Chicago
Balsa Koprivica Base Detroit
Balsa Koprivica Blue Signatures Detroit
Balsa Koprivica Green Signatures 50 Detroit
Balsa Koprivica Red Signatures 25 Detroit
Balsa Koprivica Black Signatures 5 Detroit
Breanna Stewart Base Seattle Storm
Breanna Stewart Blue Signatures Seattle Storm
Breanna Stewart Green Signatures 50 Seattle Storm
Breanna Stewart Red Signatures 25 Seattle Storm
Breanna Stewart Black Signatures 5 Seattle Storm
Bruce Brown Base Brooklyn
Bruce Brown Blue Signatures Brooklyn
Bruce Brown Green Signatures 50 Brooklyn
Bruce Brown Red Signatures 25 Brooklyn
Bruce Brown Black Signatures 5 Brooklyn
Cam Thomas Base Brooklyn
Cam Thomas Blue Signatures Brooklyn
Cam Thomas Green Signatures 50 Brooklyn
Cam Thomas Red Signatures 25 Brooklyn
Cam Thomas Black Signatures 5 Brooklyn
Candace Parker Base Chicago Sky
Candace Parker Blue Signatures Chicago Sky
Candace Parker Green Signatures 50 Chicago Sky
Candace Parker Red Signatures 25 Chicago Sky
Candace Parker Black Signatures 5 Chicago Sky
Chandler Vaudrin Base Cleveland
Chandler Vaudrin Blue Signatures Cleveland
Chandler Vaudrin Green Signatures 50 Cleveland
Chandler Vaudrin Red Signatures 25 Cleveland
Chandler Vaudrin Black Signatures 5 Cleveland
Chuma Okeke Base Orlando
Chuma Okeke Blue Signatures Orlando
Chuma Okeke Green Signatures 50 Orlando
Chuma Okeke Red Signatures 25 Orlando
Chuma Okeke Black Signatures 5 Orlando
Clyde Drexler Base Portland
Clyde Drexler Blue Signatures Portland
Clyde Drexler Green Signatures 50 Portland
Clyde Drexler Red Signatures 25 Portland
Clyde Drexler Black Signatures 5 Portland
Cole Anthony Base Orlando
Cole Anthony Blue Signatures Orlando
Cole Anthony Green Signatures 50 Orlando
Cole Anthony Red Signatures 25 Orlando
Cole Anthony Black Signatures 5 Orlando
Damian Jones Base Sacramento
Damian Jones Blue Signatures Sacramento
Damian Jones Green Signatures 50 Sacramento
Damian Jones Red Signatures 25 Sacramento
Damian Jones Black Signatures 5 Sacramento
Daniel Oturu Base LA Clippers
Daniel Oturu Blue Signatures LA Clippers
Daniel Oturu Green Signatures 50 LA Clippers
Daniel Oturu Red Signatures 25 LA Clippers
Daniel Oturu Black Signatures 5 LA Clippers
Davion Mitchell Base Sacramento
Davion Mitchell Blue Signatures Sacramento
Davion Mitchell Green Signatures 50 Sacramento
Davion Mitchell Red Signatures 25 Sacramento
Davion Mitchell Black Signatures 5 Sacramento
DayRon Sharpe Base Brooklyn
DayRon Sharpe Blue Signatures Brooklyn
DayRon Sharpe Green Signatures 50 Brooklyn
DayRon Sharpe Red Signatures 25 Brooklyn
DayRon Sharpe Black Signatures 5 Brooklyn
Devon Dostson Base Chicago
Devon Dostson Blue Signatures Chicago
Devon Dostson Green Signatures 50 Chicago
Devon Dostson Red Signatures 25 Chicago
Devon Dostson Black Signatures 5 Chicago
DJ Carton Base Charlotte
DJ Carton Blue Signatures Charlotte
DJ Carton Green Signatures 50 Charlotte
DJ Carton Red Signatures 25 Charlotte
DJ Carton Black Signatures 5 Charlotte
DJ Stewart Base Miami
DJ Stewart Blue Signatures Miami
DJ Stewart Green Signatures 50 Miami
DJ Stewart Red Signatures 25 Miami
DJ Stewart Black Signatures 5 Miami
Dominique Wilkens Base Atlanta
Dominique Wilkens Blue Signatures Atlanta
Dominique Wilkens Green Signatures 50 Atlanta
Dominique Wilkens Red Signatures 25 Atlanta
Dominique Wilkens Black Signatures 5 Atlanta
Dorian Finney Smith Base Dallas
Dorian Finney Smith Blue Signatures Dallas
Dorian Finney Smith Green Signatures 50 Dallas
Dorian Finney Smith Red Signatures 25 Dallas
Dorian Finney Smith Black Signatures 5 Dallas
Dwyane Bacon Base Orlando
Dwyane Bacon Blue Signatures Orlando
Dwyane Bacon Green Signatures 50 Orlando
Dwyane Bacon Red Signatures 25 Orlando
Dwyane Bacon Black Signatures 5 Orlando
Edmond Sumner Base Indiana
Edmond Sumner Blue Signatures Indiana
Edmond Sumner Green Signatures 50 Indiana
Edmond Sumner Red Signatures 25 Indiana
Edmond Sumner Black Signatures 5 Indiana
Ethan Thompson Base Chicago
Ethan Thompson Blue Signatures Chicago
Ethan Thompson Green Signatures 50 Chicago
Ethan Thompson Red Signatures 25 Chicago
Ethan Thompson Black Signatures 5 Chicago
Filip Petrusev Base Philadelphia
Filip Petrusev Blue Signatures Philadelphia
Filip Petrusev Green Signatures 50 Philadelphia
Filip Petrusev Red Signatures 25 Philadelphia
Filip Petrusev Black Signatures 5 Philadelphia
Franz Wagner Base Orlando
Franz Wagner Blue Signatures Orlando
Franz Wagner Green Signatures 50 Orlando
Franz Wagner Red Signatures 25 Orlando
Franz Wagner Black Signatures 5 Orlando
Giannis Antetokounmpo Base Milwaukee
Giannis Antetokounmpo Blue Signatures Milwaukee
Giannis Antetokounmpo Green Signatures 50 Milwaukee
Giannis Antetokounmpo Red Signatures 25 Milwaukee
Giannis Antetokounmpo Black Signatures 5 Milwaukee
Greg Brown III Base Portland
Greg Brown III Blue Signatures Portland
Greg Brown III Green Signatures 50 Portland
Greg Brown III Red Signatures 25 Portland
Greg Brown III Black Signatures 5 Portland
Hakeem Olajuwon Base Houston
Hakeem Olajuwon Blue Signatures Houston
Hakeem Olajuwon Green Signatures 50 Houston
Hakeem Olajuwon Red Signatures 25 Houston
Hakeem Olajuwon Black Signatures 5 Houston
Jarred Vanderbilt Base Minnesota
Jarred Vanderbilt Blue Signatures Minnesota
Jarred Vanderbilt Green Signatures 50 Minnesota
Jarred Vanderbilt Red Signatures 25 Minnesota
Jarred Vanderbilt Black Signatures 5 Minnesota
Jaylen Nowell Base Minnesota
Jaylen Nowell Blue Signatures Minnesota
Jaylen Nowell Green Signatures 50 Minnesota
Jaylen Nowell Red Signatures 25 Minnesota
Jaylen Nowell Black Signatures 5 Minnesota
Joel Ayayi Base LA Lakers
Joel Ayayi Blue Signatures LA Lakers
Joel Ayayi Green Signatures 50 LA Lakers
Joel Ayayi Red Signatures 25 LA Lakers
Joel Ayayi Black Signatures 5 LA Lakers
Johnny Wang Base China Natl
Johnny Wang Blue Signatures China Natl
Johnny Wang Green Signatures 50 China Natl
Johnny Wang Red Signatures 25 China Natl
Johnny Wang Black Signatures 5 China Natl
Jonathan Kuminga Base Golden State
Jonathan Kuminga Blue Signatures Golden State
Jonathan Kuminga Green Signatures 50 Golden State
Jonathan Kuminga Red Signatures 25 Golden State
Jonathan Kuminga Black Signatures 5 Golden State
Jordan Poole Base Golden State
Jordan Poole Blue Signatures Golden State
Jordan Poole Green Signatures 50 Golden State
Jordan Poole Red Signatures 25 Golden State
Jordan Poole Black Signatures 5 Golden State
Josh Christopher Base Houston
Josh Christopher Blue Signatures Houston
Josh Christopher Green Signatures 50 Houston
Josh Christopher Red Signatures 25 Houston
Josh Christopher Black Signatures 5 Houston
Jrue Holiday Base Milwaukee
Jrue Holiday Blue Signatures Milwaukee
Jrue Holiday Green Signatures 50 Milwaukee
Jrue Holiday Red Signatures 25 Milwaukee
Jrue Holiday Black Signatures 5 Milwaukee
Keita Bates Diop Base San Antonio
Keita Bates Diop Blue Signatures San Antonio
Keita Bates Diop Green Signatures 50 San Antonio
Keita Bates Diop Red Signatures 25 San Antonio
Keita Bates Diop Black Signatures 5 San Antonio
Keon Johnson Base LA Clippers
Keon Johnson Blue Signatures LA Clippers
Keon Johnson Green Signatures 50 LA Clippers
Keon Johnson Red Signatures 25 LA Clippers
Keon Johnson Black Signatures 5 LA Clippers
Khris Middleton Base Milwaukee
Khris Middleton Blue Signatures Milwaukee
Khris Middleton Green Signatures 50 Milwaukee
Khris Middleton Red Signatures 25 Milwaukee
Khris Middleton Black Signatures 5 Milwaukee
Marcus Zegarowski Base Brooklyn
Marcus Zegarowski Blue Signatures Brooklyn
Marcus Zegarowski Green Signatures 50 Brooklyn
Marcus Zegarowski Red Signatures 25 Brooklyn
Marcus Zegarowski Black Signatures 5 Brooklyn
Matthew Hurt Base Houston
Matthew Hurt Blue Signatures Houston
Matthew Hurt Green Signatures 50 Houston
Matthew Hurt Red Signatures 25 Houston
Matthew Hurt Black Signatures 5 Houston
Mfiondu Kabangele Base Cleveland
Mfiondu Kabangele Blue Signatures Cleveland
Mfiondu Kabangele Green Signatures 50 Cleveland
Mfiondu Kabangele Red Signatures 25 Cleveland
Mfiondu Kabangele Black Signatures 5 Cleveland
Mikal Bridges Base Phoenix
Mikal Bridges Blue Signatures Phoenix
Mikal Bridges Green Signatures 50 Phoenix
Mikal Bridges Red Signatures 25 Phoenix
Mikal Bridges Black Signatures 5 Phoenix
MJ Walker Base New York
MJ Walker Blue Signatures New York
MJ Walker Green Signatures 50 New York
MJ Walker Red Signatures 25 New York
MJ Walker Black Signatures 5 New York
Naz Reid Base Minnesota
Naz Reid Blue Signatures Minnesota
Naz Reid Green Signatures 50 Minnesota
Naz Reid Red Signatures 25 Minnesota
Naz Reid Black Signatures 5 Minnesota
Neemias Queta Base Sacramento
Neemias Queta Blue Signatures Sacramento
Neemias Queta Green Signatures 50 Sacramento
Neemias Queta Red Signatures 25 Sacramento
Neemias Queta Black Signatures 5 Sacramento
Patrick Beverley Base Minnesota
Patrick Beverley Blue Signatures Minnesota
Patrick Beverley Green Signatures 50 Minnesota
Patrick Beverley Red Signatures 25 Minnesota
Patrick Beverley Black Signatures 5 Minnesota
PJ Dozier Base Denver
PJ Dozier Blue Signatures Denver
PJ Dozier Green Signatures 50 Denver
PJ Dozier Red Signatures 25 Denver
PJ Dozier Black Signatures 5 Denver
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2021-22 Onyx Vintage Basketball is a straightforward set from an independent company. Onyx Authenticated releases a limited number of cards every year for Baseball, Basketball, and Football collectors. Like the other sports, the Vintage Basketball set offers a mix of base cards and autographed parallels, while drawing from both the Men’s and Women’s side of the sport. Hobby boxes offer 4 cards each, 2 of which are signed by players.




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