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2022 Topps Opening Day Baseball - Card Set - Mascot


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Quick Info:
Release Date: March 9th, 2022
Config: 7 Cards Per Pack - 36 Packs Per Box - 20 Boxes Per Case
Inside the Box: 36 Inserts

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Name Number Card Set Print Run Team
Raymond MAR-RA Mascot Autograph Relics Tampa Bay Rays
TC Bear MAR-TB Mascot Autograph Relics Minnesota Twins
Dinger MAR-DI Mascot Autograph Relics Colorado Rockies
Raymond MA-RA Mascot Autographs Tampa Bay Rays
Mrs. Met MA-MSM Mascot Autographs New York Mets
Mr. Met MA-MRM Mascot Autographs New York Mets
TC Bear MA-TB Mascot Autographs Minnesota Twins
Bernie Brewer MA-BB Mascot Autographs Milwaukee Brewers
Dinger MA-DI Mascot Autographs Colorado Rockies
Clark MA-CL Mascot Autographs Chicago Cubs
Raymond MPR-RA Mascot Patch Relics Tampa Bay Rays
Mariner Moose MPR-MM Mascot Patch Relics Seattle Mariners
Pirate Parrot MPR-PP Mascot Patch Relics Pittsburgh Pirates
Mr. Met MPR-MRM Mascot Patch Relics New York Mets
Orbit MPR-OR Mascot Patch Relics Houston Astros
Paws MPR-PA Mascot Patch Relics Detroit Tigers
Dinger MPR-DI Mascot Patch Relics Colorado Rockies
Mr. Red MPR-MR Mascot Patch Relics Cincinnati Reds
Clark MPR-CC Mascot Patch Relics Chicago Cubs
Wally The Green Monster MPR-WT Mascot Patch Relics Boston Red Sox
Screech MR-SC Mascot Relics Washington Nationals
TC Bear MR-TB Mascot Relics Minnesota Twins
Bernie Brewer MR-BB Mascot Relics Milwaukee Brewers
Billy the Marlin MR-BM Mascot Relics Miami Marlins
Sluggerrr MR-SR Mascot Relics Kansas City Royals
Orbit MR-OR Mascot Relics Houston Astros
Dinger MR-DI Mascot Relics Colorado Rockies
Clark MR-CL Mascot Relics Chicago Cubs
Wally the Green Monster MR-WGM Mascot Relics Boston Red Sox
Blooper MR-BL Mascot Relics Atlanta Braves
Screech M-24 Mascots Washington Nationals
Mascot M-23 Mascots Toronto Blue Jays
Rangers Captain M-22 Mascots Texas Rangers
Raymond M-21 Mascots Tampa Bay Rays
Fredbird M-20 Mascots St. Louis Cardinals
Mariner Moose M-19 Mascots Seattle Mariners
Swinging Friar M-18 Mascots San Diego Padres
Pirate Parrot M-17 Mascots Pittsburgh Pirates
Mascot M-16 Mascots Oakland Athletics
Mrs. Met M-15 Mascots New York Mets
Mr. Met M-14 Mascots New York Mets
TC Bear M-13 Mascots Minnesota Twins
Bernie Brewer M-12 Mascots Milwaukee Brewers
Billy the Marlin M-11 Mascots Miami Marlins
Sluggerrr M-10 Mascots Kansas City Royals
Orbit M-9 Mascots Houston Astros
Paws M-8 Mascots Detroit Tigers
Dinger M-7 Mascots Colorado Rockies
Slider M-6 Mascots Cleveland Guardians
Rosie Red M-4 Mascots Cincinnati Reds
Mr. Red M-5 Mascots Cincinnati Reds
Clark M-3 Mascots Chicago Cubs
Wally the Green Monster M-2 Mascots Boston Red Sox
Blooper M-1 Mascots Atlanta Braves
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2022 Topps Opening Day Baseball - Mascot - Card Set Checklist




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