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Quick Info:
Release Date: March 8th, 2022
Hobby Config: 53 Cards Per Box - 20 Boxes Per Case
In The Box: 3 Autographed Cards



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Name Number Card Set Print Run Team
Aaron Zavala PS-AZ1 Autographs
Aaron Zavala PS-AZ1 Autographs Green
Aaron Zavala PS-AZ1 Autographs Red
Adley Rutschman PS01 Base
Adley Rutschman PS01 Base Green
Adley Rutschman PS01 Base Red
Adrian Del Castillo PS-ADC Autographs
Adrian Del Castillo PS-ADC Autographs Green
Adrian Del Castillo PS-ADC Autographs Red
AJ Smith-Shawver PS-AJS Autographs
AJ Smith-Shawver PS-AJS Autographs Green
AJ Smith-Shawver PS-AJS Autographs Red
Alejandro Hidalgo PS-AH1 Autographs
Alejandro Hidalgo PS-AH1 Autographs Green
Alejandro Hidalgo PS-AH1 Autographs Red
Alexander Vargas PS-AV1 Autographs
Alexander Vargas PS-AV1 Autographs Green
Alexander Vargas PS-AV1 Autographs Red
Alexander Vizcaino PS-AV2 Autographs
Alexander Vizcaino PS-AV2 Autographs Green
Alexander Vizcaino PS-AV2 Autographs Red
Andrew Abbott PS-AA2 Autographs
Andrew Abbott PS-AA2 Autographs Green
Andrew Abbott PS-AA2 Autographs Red
Andrew Painter PS20 Base
Andrew Painter PS20 Base Green
Andrew Painter PS20 Base Red
Andrew Painter PS-AP1 Autographs
Andrew Painter PS-AP1 Autographs Green
Andrew Painter PS-AP1 Autographs Red
Angel Martinez PS-AM1 Autographs
Angel Martinez PS-AM1 Autographs Green
Angel Martinez PS-AM1 Autographs Red
Anthony Gutierrez PS-AG1 Autographs
Anthony Gutierrez PS-AG1 Autographs Green
Anthony Gutierrez PS-AG1 Autographs Red
Anthony Solometo PS-AS1 Autographs
Anthony Solometo PS-AS1 Autographs Green
Anthony Solometo PS-AS1 Autographs Red
Ben Kudrna PS-BK1 Autographs
Ben Kudrna PS-BK1 Autographs Green
Ben Kudrna PS-BK1 Autographs Red
Benny Montgomery PS21 Base
Benny Montgomery PS21 Base Green
Benny Montgomery PS21 Base Red
Benny Montgomery PS-BM1 Autographs
Benny Montgomery PS-BM1 Autographs Green
Benny Montgomery PS-BM1 Autographs Red
Blaze Jordan PS22 Base
Blaze Jordan PS22 Base Green
Blaze Jordan PS22 Base Red
Blaze Jordan PS-BJ1 Autographs
Blaze Jordan PS-BJ1 Autographs Green
Blaze Jordan PS-BJ1 Autographs Red
Bobby Witt Jr. PS02 Base
Bobby Witt Jr. PS02 Base Green
Bobby Witt Jr. PS02 Base Red
Bobby Witt Jr. PS-BWJ Autographs
Bobby Witt Jr. PS-BWJ Autographs Green
Bobby Witt Jr. PS-BWJ Autographs Red
Brady House PS23 Base
Brady House PS23 Base Green
Brady House PS23 Base Red
Brady House PS-BH1 Autographs
Brady House PS-BH1 Autographs Green
Brady House PS-BH1 Autographs Red
Brayan Rocchio PS-BR1 Autographs
Brayan Rocchio PS-BR1 Autographs Green
Brayan Rocchio PS-BR1 Autographs Red
Brendan Beck PS-BB2 Autographs
Brendan Beck PS-BB2 Autographs Green
Brendan Beck PS-BB2 Autographs Red
Brett Baty PS03 Base
Brett Baty PS03 Base Green
Brett Baty PS03 Base Red
Brett Baty PS-BB1 Autographs
Brett Baty PS-BB1 Autographs Green
Brett Baty PS-BB1 Autographs Red
Brock Selvidge PS-BS1 Autographs
Brock Selvidge PS-BS1 Autographs Green
Brock Selvidge PS-BS1 Autographs Red
Bryan Acuna PS24 Base
Bryan Acuna PS24 Base Green
Bryan Acuna PS24 Base Red
Bryan Acuna PS-BA1 Autographs
Bryan Acuna PS-BA1 Autographs Green
Bryan Acuna PS-BA1 Autographs Red
Bubba Chandler PS-BC1 Autographs
Bubba Chandler PS-BC1 Autographs Green
Bubba Chandler PS-BC1 Autographs Red
Cameron Cauley PS-CC2 Autographs
Cameron Cauley PS-CC2 Autographs Green
Cameron Cauley PS-CC2 Autographs Red
Carson Williams PS-CW1 Autographs
Carson Williams PS-CW1 Autographs Green
Carson Williams PS-CW1 Autographs Red
Carter Jensen PS-CJ1 Autographs
Carter Jensen PS-CJ1 Autographs Green
Carter Jensen PS-CJ1 Autographs Red
Chase Petty PS-CP1 Autographs
Chase Petty PS-CP1 Autographs Green
Chase Petty PS-CP1 Autographs Red
Cody Morissette PS-CM1 Autographs
Cody Morissette PS-CM1 Autographs Green
Cody Morissette PS-CM1 Autographs Red
Colson Montgomery PS25 Base
Colson Montgomery PS25 Base Green
Colson Montgomery PS25 Base Red
Colson Montgomery PS-CM2 Autographs
Colson Montgomery PS-CM2 Autographs Green
Colson Montgomery PS-CM2 Autographs Red
Colton Cowser PS26 Base
Colton Cowser PS26 Base Green
Colton Cowser PS26 Base Red
Colton Cowser PS-CC1 Autographs
Colton Cowser PS-CC1 Autographs Green
Colton Cowser PS-CC1 Autographs Red
Cooper Kinney PS-CK1 Autographs
Cooper Kinney PS-CK1 Autographs Green
Cooper Kinney PS-CK1 Autographs Red
Cristian Hernandez PS04 Base
Cristian Hernandez PS04 Base Green
Cristian Hernandez PS04 Base Red
Cristian Hernandez PS-CH2 Autographs
Cristian Hernandez PS-CH2 Autographs Green
Cristian Hernandez PS-CH2 Autographs Red
Cristian Santana PS-CS1 Autographs
Cristian Santana PS-CS1 Autographs Green
Cristian Santana PS-CS1 Autographs Red
Daylen Lile PS-DL1 Autographs
Daylen Lile PS-DL1 Autographs Green
Daylen Lile PS-DL1 Autographs Red
Derek Curiel PS-DC1 Autographs
Derek Curiel PS-DC1 Autographs Green
Derek Curiel PS-DC1 Autographs Red
Doug Nikhazy PS-DN1 Autographs
Doug Nikhazy PS-DN1 Autographs Green
Doug Nikhazy PS-DN1 Autographs Red
Drew Gray PS-DG1 Autographs
Drew Gray PS-DG1 Autographs Green
Drew Gray PS-DG1 Autographs Red
Dylan Smith PS-DS1 Autographs
Dylan Smith PS-DS1 Autographs Green
Dylan Smith PS-DS1 Autographs Red
Eddys Leonard PS-EL1 Autographs
Eddys Leonard PS-EL1 Autographs Green
Eddys Leonard PS-EL1 Autographs Red
Eduardo Garcia PS-EG1 Autographs
Eduardo Garcia PS-EG1 Autographs Green
Eduardo Garcia PS-EG1 Autographs Red
Eric Silva PS-ES1 Autographs
Eric Silva PS-ES1 Autographs Green
Eric Silva PS-ES1 Autographs Red
Ethan Wilson PS-EW1 Autographs
Ethan Wilson PS-EW1 Autographs Green
Ethan Wilson PS-EW1 Autographs Red
Frank Mozzicato PS27 Base
Frank Mozzicato PS27 Base Green
Frank Mozzicato PS27 Base Red
Frank Mozzicato PS-FM1 Autographs
Frank Mozzicato PS-FM1 Autographs Green
Frank Mozzicato PS-FM1 Autographs Red
Gabriel Moreno PS28 Base
Gabriel Moreno PS28 Base Green
Gabriel Moreno PS28 Base Red
Gabriel Moreno PS-GM1 Autographs
Gabriel Moreno PS-GM1 Autographs Green
Gabriel Moreno PS-GM1 Autographs Red
Gavin Williams PS-GW1 Autographs
Gavin Williams PS-GW1 Autographs Green
Gavin Williams PS-GW1 Autographs Red
Grayson Rodriguez PS05 Base
Grayson Rodriguez PS05 Base Green
Grayson Rodriguez PS05 Base Red
Grayson Rodriguez PS-GR1 Autographs
Grayson Rodriguez PS-GR1 Autographs Green
Grayson Rodriguez PS-GR1 Autographs Red
Gunnar Hoglund PS29 Base
Gunnar Hoglund PS29 Base Green
Gunnar Hoglund PS29 Base Red
Gunnar Hoglund PS-GH1 Autographs
Gunnar Hoglund PS-GH1 Autographs Green
Gunnar Hoglund PS-GH1 Autographs Red
Harry Ford PS30 Base
Harry Ford PS30 Base Green
Harry Ford PS30 Base Red
Harry Ford PS-HF1 Autographs
Harry Ford PS-HF1 Autographs Green
Harry Ford PS-HF1 Autographs Red
Hedbert Perez PS31 Base
Hedbert Perez PS31 Base Green
Hedbert Perez PS31 Base Red
Hedbert Perez PS-HP1 Autographs
Hedbert Perez PS-HP1 Autographs Green
Hedbert Perez PS-HP1 Autographs Red
Ian Lewis Jr. PS-IL1 Autographs
Ian Lewis Jr. PS-IL1 Autographs Green
Ian Lewis Jr. PS-IL1 Autographs Red
Irving Carter PS-IC1 Autographs
Irving Carter PS-IC1 Autographs Green
Irving Carter PS-IC1 Autographs Red
Izaac Pacheco PS-IP1 Autographs
Izaac Pacheco PS-IP1 Autographs Green
Izaac Pacheco PS-IP1 Autographs Red
Jack Leiter PS32 Base
Jack Leiter PS32 Base Green
Jack Leiter PS32 Base Red
Jack Leiter PS-JL1 Autographs
Jack Leiter PS-JL1 Autographs Green
Jack Leiter PS-JL1 Autographs Red
Jackson Jobe PS33 Base
Jackson Jobe PS33 Base Green
Jackson Jobe PS33 Base Red
Jackson Jobe PS-JJ1 Autographs
Jackson Jobe PS-JJ1 Autographs Green
Jackson Jobe PS-JJ1 Autographs Red
Jaden Hill PS-JH1 Autographs
Jaden Hill PS-JH1 Autographs Green
Jaden Hill PS-JH1 Autographs Red
Jairo Pomares PS34 Base
Jairo Pomares PS34 Base Green
Jairo Pomares PS34 Base Red
Jairo Pomares PS-JP1 Autographs
Jairo Pomares PS-JP1 Autographs Green
Jairo Pomares PS-JP1 Autographs Red
Jake Fox PS-JF1 Autographs
Jake Fox PS-JF1 Autographs Green
Jake Fox PS-JF1 Autographs Red
Jake Vogel PS-JV1 Autographs
Jake Vogel PS-JV1 Autographs Green
Jake Vogel PS-JV1 Autographs Red
James Triantos PS-JT1 Autographs
James Triantos PS-JT1 Autographs Green
James Triantos PS-JT1 Autographs Red
James Wood PS-JW1 Autographs
James Wood PS-JW1 Autographs Green
James Wood PS-JW1 Autographs Red
Jasson Dominguez PS06 Base
Jasson Dominguez PS06 Base Green
Jasson Dominguez PS06 Base Red
Jasson Dominguez PS-JD1 Autographs
Jasson Dominguez PS-JD1 Autographs Green
Jasson Dominguez PS-JD1 Autographs Red
Jay Allen PS-JA1 Autographs
Jay Allen PS-JA1 Autographs Green
Jay Allen PS-JA1 Autographs Red
Jeferson Quero PS-JQ1 Autographs
Jeferson Quero PS-JQ1 Autographs Green
Jeferson Quero PS-JQ1 Autographs Red
Jesse Franklin PS-JF2 Autographs
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The 2021 Pro Set Baseball is coming to give Leaf collectors a second Pro Set option. Following 2021 Pro Set Metal Baseball, this Blaster edition has a much more simple offering, which also makes it easier to complete the collection. Featuring the 1989 Pro Set design, all 50 base cards come in each box. There is a chance for base and autograph parallels, but information regarding the chances of one of those hits is not available.

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