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2020 Leaf Flash - Card Set - Portrait


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Quick Info:
Release Date: February 19, 2021
Config: 6 cards per pack, 1 pack per box, 12 boxes per case
Inside the Box: 6 Autographs

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Name Number Card Set Print Run Team
Aaron Sabato PA-AS1 Portrait Blue 50
Asa Lacy PA-AL1 Portrait Blue 50
Austin Martin PA-AM1 Portrait Blue 50
Austin Wells PA-AW2 Portrait Blue 50
Bayron Lora PA-BL1 Portrait Blue 50
Bryce Jarvis PA-BJ2 Portrait Blue 50
Carson Tucker PA-CT1 Portrait Blue 50
Cole Wilcox PA-CW1 Portrait Blue 50
DShawn Knowles PA-DSK Portrait Blue 50
Fernando Tatis Jr. PA-FT1 Portrait Blue 50
Francisco Alvarez PA-FA1 Portrait Blue 50
Garrett Mitchell PA-GM1 Portrait Blue 50
Jared Kelley PA-JK1 Portrait Blue 50
Jasson Dominguez PA-JD1 Portrait Blue 50
Jordan Walker PA-JW1 Portrait Blue 50
Masyn Winn PA-MW1 Portrait Blue 50
Max Meyer PA-MM1 Portrait Blue 50
Miguel Hiraldo PA-MH1 Portrait Blue 50
Nick Loftin PA-NL1 Portrait Blue 50
Nick Yorke PA-NY1 Portrait Blue 50
Reid Detmers PA-RD1 Portrait Blue 50
Ricky Vanasco PA-RV1 Portrait Blue 50
Spencer Torkelson PA-ST1 Portrait Blue 50
Wander Franco PA-WF1 Portrait Blue 50
Aaron Sabato PA-AS1 Portrait Green 25
Asa Lacy PA-AL1 Portrait Green 25
Austin Martin PA-AM1 Portrait Green 25
Austin Wells PA-AW2 Portrait Green 25
Bayron Lora PA-BL1 Portrait Green 25
Bryce Jarvis PA-BJ2 Portrait Green 25
Carson Tucker PA-CT1 Portrait Green 25
Cole Wilcox PA-CW1 Portrait Green 25
DShawn Knowles PA-DSK Portrait Green 25
Fernando Tatis Jr. PA-FT1 Portrait Green 25
Francisco Alvarez PA-FA1 Portrait Green 25
Garrett Mitchell PA-GM1 Portrait Green 25
Jared Kelley PA-JK1 Portrait Green 25
Jasson Dominguez PA-JD1 Portrait Green 25
Jordan Walker PA-JW1 Portrait Green 25
Masyn Winn PA-MW1 Portrait Green 25
Max Meyer PA-MM1 Portrait Green 25
Miguel Hiraldo PA-MH1 Portrait Green 25
Nick Loftin PA-NL1 Portrait Green 25
Nick Yorke PA-NY1 Portrait Green 25
Reid Detmers PA-RD1 Portrait Green 25
Ricky Vanasco PA-RV1 Portrait Green 25
Spencer Torkelson PA-ST1 Portrait Green 25
Wander Franco PA-WF1 Portrait Green 25
Aaron Sabato PA-AS1 Portrait Orange 10
Asa Lacy PA-AL1 Portrait Orange 10
Austin Martin PA-AM1 Portrait Orange 10
Austin Wells PA-AW2 Portrait Orange 10
Bayron Lora PA-BL1 Portrait Orange 10
Bryce Jarvis PA-BJ2 Portrait Orange 10
Carson Tucker PA-CT1 Portrait Orange 10
Cole Wilcox PA-CW1 Portrait Orange 10
DShawn Knowles PA-DSK Portrait Orange 10
Fernando Tatis Jr. PA-FT1 Portrait Orange 10
Francisco Alvarez PA-FA1 Portrait Orange 10
Garrett Mitchell PA-GM1 Portrait Orange 10
Jared Kelley PA-JK1 Portrait Orange 10
Jasson Dominguez PA-JD1 Portrait Orange 10
Jordan Walker PA-JW1 Portrait Orange 10
Masyn Winn PA-MW1 Portrait Orange 10
Max Meyer PA-MM1 Portrait Orange 10
Miguel Hiraldo PA-MH1 Portrait Orange 10
Nick Loftin PA-NL1 Portrait Orange 10
Nick Yorke PA-NY1 Portrait Orange 10
Reid Detmers PA-RD1 Portrait Orange 10
Ricky Vanasco PA-RV1 Portrait Orange 10
Spencer Torkelson PA-ST1 Portrait Orange 10
Wander Franco PA-WF1 Portrait Orange 10
Aaron Sabato PA-AS1 Portrait Pink 15
Asa Lacy PA-AL1 Portrait Pink 15
Austin Martin PA-AM1 Portrait Pink 15
Austin Wells PA-AW2 Portrait Pink 15
Bayron Lora PA-BL1 Portrait Pink 15
Bryce Jarvis PA-BJ2 Portrait Pink 15
Carson Tucker PA-CT1 Portrait Pink 15
Cole Wilcox PA-CW1 Portrait Pink 15
DShawn Knowles PA-DSK Portrait Pink 15
Fernando Tatis Jr. PA-FT1 Portrait Pink 15
Francisco Alvarez PA-FA1 Portrait Pink 15
Garrett Mitchell PA-GM1 Portrait Pink 15
Jared Kelley PA-JK1 Portrait Pink 15
Jasson Dominguez PA-JD1 Portrait Pink 15
Jordan Walker PA-JW1 Portrait Pink 15
Masyn Winn PA-MW1 Portrait Pink 15
Max Meyer PA-MM1 Portrait Pink 15
Miguel Hiraldo PA-MH1 Portrait Pink 15
Nick Loftin PA-NL1 Portrait Pink 15
Nick Yorke PA-NY1 Portrait Pink 15
Reid Detmers PA-RD1 Portrait Pink 15
Ricky Vanasco PA-RV1 Portrait Pink 15
Spencer Torkelson PA-ST1 Portrait Pink 15
Wander Franco PA-WF1 Portrait Pink 15
Aaron Sabato PA-AS1 Portrait Purple 35
Asa Lacy PA-AL1 Portrait Purple 35
Austin Martin PA-AM1 Portrait Purple 35
Austin Wells PA-AW2 Portrait Purple 35
Bayron Lora PA-BL1 Portrait Purple 35
Bryce Jarvis PA-BJ2 Portrait Purple 35
Carson Tucker PA-CT1 Portrait Purple 35
Cole Wilcox PA-CW1 Portrait Purple 35
DShawn Knowles PA-DSK Portrait Purple 35
Fernando Tatis Jr. PA-FT1 Portrait Purple 35
Francisco Alvarez PA-FA1 Portrait Purple 35
Garrett Mitchell PA-GM1 Portrait Purple 35
Jared Kelley PA-JK1 Portrait Purple 35
Jasson Dominguez PA-JD1 Portrait Purple 35
Jordan Walker PA-JW1 Portrait Purple 35
Masyn Winn PA-MW1 Portrait Purple 35
Max Meyer PA-MM1 Portrait Purple 35
Miguel Hiraldo PA-MH1 Portrait Purple 35
Nick Loftin PA-NL1 Portrait Purple 35
Nick Yorke PA-NY1 Portrait Purple 35
Reid Detmers PA-RD1 Portrait Purple 35
Ricky Vanasco PA-RV1 Portrait Purple 35
Spencer Torkelson PA-ST1 Portrait Purple 35
Wander Franco PA-WF1 Portrait Purple 35
Aaron Sabato PA-AS1 Portrait Red 5
Asa Lacy PA-AL1 Portrait Red 5
Austin Martin PA-AM1 Portrait Red 5
Austin Wells PA-AW2 Portrait Red 5
Bayron Lora PA-BL1 Portrait Red 5
Bryce Jarvis PA-BJ2 Portrait Red 5
Carson Tucker PA-CT1 Portrait Red 5
Cole Wilcox PA-CW1 Portrait Red 5
DShawn Knowles PA-DSK Portrait Red 5
Fernando Tatis Jr. PA-FT1 Portrait Red 5
Francisco Alvarez PA-FA1 Portrait Red 5
Garrett Mitchell PA-GM1 Portrait Red 5
Jared Kelley PA-JK1 Portrait Red 5
Jasson Dominguez PA-JD1 Portrait Red 5
Jordan Walker PA-JW1 Portrait Red 5
Masyn Winn PA-MW1 Portrait Red 5
Max Meyer PA-MM1 Portrait Red 5
Miguel Hiraldo PA-MH1 Portrait Red 5
Nick Loftin PA-NL1 Portrait Red 5
Nick Yorke PA-NY1 Portrait Red 5
Reid Detmers PA-RD1 Portrait Red 5
Ricky Vanasco PA-RV1 Portrait Red 5
Spencer Torkelson PA-ST1 Portrait Red 5
Wander Franco PA-WF1 Portrait Red 5
Aaron Sabato PA-AS1 Portrait Silver
Asa Lacy PA-AL1 Portrait Silver
Austin Martin PA-AM1 Portrait Silver
Austin Wells PA-AW2 Portrait Silver
Bayron Lora PA-BL1 Portrait Silver
Bryce Jarvis PA-BJ2 Portrait Silver
Carson Tucker PA-CT1 Portrait Silver
Cole Wilcox PA-CW1 Portrait Silver
DShawn Knowles PA-DSK Portrait Silver
Fernando Tatis Jr. PA-FT1 Portrait Silver
Francisco Alvarez PA-FA1 Portrait Silver
Garrett Mitchell PA-GM1 Portrait Silver
Jared Kelley PA-JK1 Portrait Silver
Jasson Dominguez PA-JD1 Portrait Silver
Jordan Walker PA-JW1 Portrait Silver
Masyn Winn PA-MW1 Portrait Silver
Max Meyer PA-MM1 Portrait Silver
Miguel Hiraldo PA-MH1 Portrait Silver
Nick Loftin PA-NL1 Portrait Silver
Nick Yorke PA-NY1 Portrait Silver
Reid Detmers PA-RD1 Portrait Silver
Ricky Vanasco PA-RV1 Portrait Silver
Spencer Torkelson PA-ST1 Portrait Silver
Wander Franco PA-WF1 Portrait Silver
Aaron Sabato PA-AS1 Portrait Yellow 1
Asa Lacy PA-AL1 Portrait Yellow 1
Austin Martin PA-AM1 Portrait Yellow 1
Austin Wells PA-AW2 Portrait Yellow 1
Bayron Lora PA-BL1 Portrait Yellow 1
Bryce Jarvis PA-BJ2 Portrait Yellow 1
Carson Tucker PA-CT1 Portrait Yellow 1
Cole Wilcox PA-CW1 Portrait Yellow 1
DShawn Knowles PA-DSK Portrait Yellow 1
Fernando Tatis Jr. PA-FT1 Portrait Yellow 1
Francisco Alvarez PA-FA1 Portrait Yellow 1
Garrett Mitchell PA-GM1 Portrait Yellow 1
Jared Kelley PA-JK1 Portrait Yellow 1
Jasson Dominguez PA-JD1 Portrait Yellow 1
Jordan Walker PA-JW1 Portrait Yellow 1
Masyn Winn PA-MW1 Portrait Yellow 1
Max Meyer PA-MM1 Portrait Yellow 1
Miguel Hiraldo PA-MH1 Portrait Yellow 1
Nick Loftin PA-NL1 Portrait Yellow 1
Nick Yorke PA-NY1 Portrait Yellow 1
Reid Detmers PA-RD1 Portrait Yellow 1
Ricky Vanasco PA-RV1 Portrait Yellow 1
Spencer Torkelson PA-ST1 Portrait Yellow 1
Wander Franco PA-WF1 Portrait Yellow 1
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2020 Flash - Portrait - Card Set Checklist




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