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2020 Leaf Flash - Card Set - Foundations


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Quick Info:
Release Date: February 19, 2021
Config: 6 cards per pack, 1 pack per box, 12 boxes per case
Inside the Box: 6 Autographs

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Name Number Card Set Print Run Team
Edward Cabrera FF2-EC1 Foundations Blue 50
Erick Pena FF2-EP1 Foundations Blue 50
Justin Foscue FF2-JF1 Foundations Blue 50
Luis Matos FF2-LM2 Foundations Blue 50
Misael Urbina FF2-MU1 Foundations Blue 50
Nick Bitsko FF2-NB1 Foundations Blue 50
Noelvi Marte FF2-NM1 Foundations Blue 50
Pedro Martinez FF2-PM1 Foundations Blue 50
Robert Hassell FF2-RH1 Foundations Blue 50
Tyler Soderstrom FF2-TS1 Foundations Blue 50
Zac Veen FF2-ZV1 Foundations Blue 50
Edward Cabrera FF2-EC1 Foundations Green 25
Erick Pena FF2-EP1 Foundations Green 25
Justin Foscue FF2-JF1 Foundations Green 25
Luis Matos FF2-LM2 Foundations Green 25
Misael Urbina FF2-MU1 Foundations Green 25
Nick Bitsko FF2-NB1 Foundations Green 25
Noelvi Marte FF2-NM1 Foundations Green 25
Pedro Martinez FF2-PM1 Foundations Green 25
Robert Hassell FF2-RH1 Foundations Green 25
Tyler Soderstrom FF2-TS1 Foundations Green 25
Zac Veen FF2-ZV1 Foundations Green 25
Edward Cabrera FF2-EC1 Foundations Orange 10
Erick Pena FF2-EP1 Foundations Orange 10
Justin Foscue FF2-JF1 Foundations Orange 10
Luis Matos FF2-LM2 Foundations Orange 10
Misael Urbina FF2-MU1 Foundations Orange 10
Nick Bitsko FF2-NB1 Foundations Orange 10
Noelvi Marte FF2-NM1 Foundations Orange 10
Pedro Martinez FF2-PM1 Foundations Orange 10
Robert Hassell FF2-RH1 Foundations Orange 10
Tyler Soderstrom FF2-TS1 Foundations Orange 10
Zac Veen FF2-ZV1 Foundations Orange 10
Edward Cabrera FF2-EC1 Foundations Pink 15
Erick Pena FF2-EP1 Foundations Pink 15
Justin Foscue FF2-JF1 Foundations Pink 15
Luis Matos FF2-LM2 Foundations Pink 15
Misael Urbina FF2-MU1 Foundations Pink 15
Nick Bitsko FF2-NB1 Foundations Pink 15
Noelvi Marte FF2-NM1 Foundations Pink 15
Pedro Martinez FF2-PM1 Foundations Pink 15
Robert Hassell FF2-RH1 Foundations Pink 15
Tyler Soderstrom FF2-TS1 Foundations Pink 15
Zac Veen FF2-ZV1 Foundations Pink 15
Edward Cabrera FF2-EC1 Foundations Purple 35
Erick Pena FF2-EP1 Foundations Purple 35
Justin Foscue FF2-JF1 Foundations Purple 35
Luis Matos FF2-LM2 Foundations Purple 35
Misael Urbina FF2-MU1 Foundations Purple 35
Nick Bitsko FF2-NB1 Foundations Purple 35
Noelvi Marte FF2-NM1 Foundations Purple 35
Pedro Martinez FF2-PM1 Foundations Purple 35
Robert Hassell FF2-RH1 Foundations Purple 35
Tyler Soderstrom FF2-TS1 Foundations Purple 35
Zac Veen FF2-ZV1 Foundations Purple 35
Edward Cabrera FF2-EC1 Foundations Red 5
Erick Pena FF2-EP1 Foundations Red 5
Justin Foscue FF2-JF1 Foundations Red 5
Luis Matos FF2-LM2 Foundations Red 5
Misael Urbina FF2-MU1 Foundations Red 5
Nick Bitsko FF2-NB1 Foundations Red 5
Noelvi Marte FF2-NM1 Foundations Red 5
Pedro Martinez FF2-PM1 Foundations Red 5
Robert Hassell FF2-RH1 Foundations Red 5
Tyler Soderstrom FF2-TS1 Foundations Red 5
Zac Veen FF2-ZV1 Foundations Red 5
Edward Cabrera FF2-EC1 Foundations Silver
Erick Pena FF2-EP1 Foundations Silver
Justin Foscue FF2-JF1 Foundations Silver
Luis Matos FF2-LM2 Foundations Silver
Misael Urbina FF2-MU1 Foundations Silver
Nick Bitsko FF2-NB1 Foundations Silver
Noelvi Marte FF2-NM1 Foundations Silver
Pedro Martinez FF2-PM1 Foundations Silver
Robert Hassell FF2-RH1 Foundations Silver
Tyler Soderstrom FF2-TS1 Foundations Silver
Zac Veen FF2-ZV1 Foundations Silver
Edward Cabrera FF2-EC1 Foundations Yellow 1
Erick Pena FF2-EP1 Foundations Yellow 1
Justin Foscue FF2-JF1 Foundations Yellow 1
Luis Matos FF2-LM2 Foundations Yellow 1
Misael Urbina FF2-MU1 Foundations Yellow 1
Nick Bitsko FF2-NB1 Foundations Yellow 1
Noelvi Marte FF2-NM1 Foundations Yellow 1
Pedro Martinez FF2-PM1 Foundations Yellow 1
Robert Hassell FF2-RH1 Foundations Yellow 1
Tyler Soderstrom FF2-TS1 Foundations Yellow 1
Zac Veen FF2-ZV1 Foundations Yellow 1
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2020 Flash - Foundations - Card Set Checklist




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