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Right now on Ebay:
2020/21 UD Hockey Series 2 Nils Hoglander Young Guns Canvas YG C239 Canucks

Price $ 25.0

Number of Bids: 34

Time Left - 1 D 20 H 57 M 55 S
Right now on Ebay:
Pavel Bure 2002-03 Upper Deck Foundations Playoff Performers 2 Color Jersey /150

Price $ 40.0

Number of Bids: 25

Time Left - 1 D 16 H 40 M 18 S


Founded in 1970 the Vancouver Canucks have never won the Stanley Cup. You can find their official website at . Henrik Sedin is already their Franchise point and assist leader and Marcus Naslund holds the Goal record with 346.



Vancouver Canucks


PlayerCard SetPrint Run
Bo Horvat Base Set 0
Bo Horvat Auto Material Black Parallel 1
Bo Horvat Material Black Parallel 5
Bo Horvat Auto Material Purple Parallel 5
Bo Horvat Material Purple Parallel 10
Bo Horvat Purple Parallel 20
Bo Horvat Auto Material Emerald Parallel 25
Bo Horvat Orange Parallel 55
Bo Horvat Material Emerald Parallel 65
Bo Horvat Emerald Parallel 99
Bo Horvat Auto Material Silver Parallel 99
Bo Horvat Material Silver Parallel 165
Bo Horvat Ruby Parallel 299
Brock Boeser Aurum Rookies 0
Brock Boeser Top 12 Rookie Signatures 0
Brock Boeser Auto Material Black Parallel Rookies 1
Brock Boeser Black Parallel Rookies Auto 5
Brock Boeser Material Black Parallel Rookies 5
Brock Boeser Auto Material Purple Parallel Rookies 15
Brock Boeser Purple Parallel Rookies 20
Brock Boeser Auto Material Emerald Parallel Rookies 35
Brock Boeser Material Purple Parallel Rookies 49
Brock Boeser Orange Parallel Rookies 55
Brock Boeser Emerald Parallel Rookies 99
Brock Boeser Material Emerald Parallel Rookies 99
Brock Boeser Auto Material Silver Parallel Rookies 99
Brock Boeser Ruby Parallel Rookies 399
Brock Boeser Material Silver Parallel Rookies 499
Brock Boeser Base Set Rookies 999
Daniel Sedin Base Set 0
Daniel Sedin Black Parallel 5
Daniel Sedin Material Black Parallel 5
Daniel Sedin Material Purple Parallel 10
Daniel Sedin Purple Parallel 20
Daniel Sedin Honoured Hopefuls Relics 27
Daniel Sedin Orange Parallel 55
Daniel Sedin Material Emerald Parallel 65
Daniel Sedin Emerald Parallel 99
Daniel Sedin Material Silver Parallel 165
Daniel Sedin Ruby Parallel 299
Henrik Sedin Aurum 0
Henrik Sedin Material Black Parallel Stars 3
Henrik Sedin Black Parallel Stars 5
Henrik Sedin Material Purple Parallel Stars 8
Henrik Sedin Purple Parallel Stars 20
Henrik Sedin Material Emerald Parallel Stars 25
Henrik Sedin Honoured Hopefuls Relics 27
Henrik Sedin Orange Parallel Stars 55
Henrik Sedin Emerald Parallel Stars 99
Henrik Sedin Material Silver Parallel Stars 125
Henrik Sedin Ruby Parallel Stars 299
Henrik Sedin Base Set Stars 599
Loui Eriksson Base Set 0
Loui Eriksson Black Parallel Auto 5
Loui Eriksson Auto Material Purple Parallel 5
Loui Eriksson Material Purple Parallel 10
Loui Eriksson Purple Parallel 20
Loui Eriksson Orange Parallel 55
Loui Eriksson Emerald Parallel 99
Loui Eriksson Auto Material Silver Parallel 99
Loui Eriksson Material Silver Parallel 165
Loui Eriksson Ruby Parallel 299
Vancouver Canucks Base Set Rookie Redemptions 0
Vancouver Canucks Emerald Parallel Rookie Redemptions 0








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