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2024 ProSet Southern California Beach Volleyball Trading Cards


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Quick Info:
Release Date: June, 2024
Config: Hobby Pack - 22 Cards Per Pack
Box Break: Hobby Pack - 1 Autograph and the 21 card base set.


It's a new first for Leaf (who owns ProSet) and Beach Volleyball cards, expect to find the entire 21 card base set in your pack along with an autograph card, there is dual and quad autographs possible along with an 8 autograph card which is the only numbered card in this release at 25 copies made. This product only has players from the Women's volleyball, perhaps there will be a Men's release in the future. These are all sold by the pack for $29.99 USD and you can purchase directly from the Leaf Website here.


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2024 ProSet Southern California Beach Volleyball Checklist

This Table Shows 250 Card Results Per Page Sorted by Name.
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Name Number Card Set Print Run
Ainsley Radell PA-AR1 1989 Base Auto
Ainsley Radell 1 1989 Base
Ashley Pater PA-AP1 1989 Base Auto
Ashley Pater 8WA-1 8-Way Auto 25
Ashley Pater 2 1989 Base
Ashley Pater DA-1 Dual Auto 25
Ashley Pater QA-2 Quad Auto 25
Audrey Nourse PA-AN1 1989 Base Auto
Audrey Nourse 8WA-1 8-Way Auto 25
Audrey Nourse 3 1989 Base
Audrey Nourse DA-2 Dual Auto 25
Audrey Nourse QA-2 Quad Auto 25
Bailey Showalter PA-BS1 1989 Base Auto
Bailey Showalter 4 1989 Base
Delaney Karl PA-DK1 1989 Base Auto
Delaney Karl 5 1989 Base
Delaynie Maple PA-DM1 1989 Base Auto
Delaynie Maple 8WA-1 8-Way Auto 25
Delaynie Maple 6 1989 Base
Delaynie Maple DA-5 Dual Auto 25
Delaynie Maple QA-1 Quad Auto 25
Emily Fitzner PA-EF1 1989 Base Auto
Emily Fitzner 7 1989 Base
Gabby Walker PA-GW1 1989 Base Auto
Gabby Walker 8 1989 Base
Grace Hong PA-GH1 1989 Base Auto
Grace Hong 9 1989 Base
Grace Seits PA-GS1 1989 Base Auto
Grace Seits 8WA-1 8-Way Auto 25
Grace Seits 10 1989 Base
Grace Seits DA-1 Dual Auto 25
Grace Seits QA-2 Quad Auto 25
Kaylee Young PA-KY1 1989 Base Auto
Kaylee Young 11 1989 Base
Klaire VanDeusen PA-KVD 1989 Base Auto
Klaire VanDeusen 12 1989 Base
Mabyn Thomas PA-MT1 1989 Base Auto
Mabyn Thomas 8WA-1 8-Way Auto 25
Mabyn Thomas 13 1989 Base
Mabyn Thomas DA-4 Dual Auto 25
Maddi Kriz PA-MK1 1989 Base Auto
Maddi Kriz 14 1989 Base
Maddi Kriz DA-3 Dual Auto 25
Maddi Kriz QA-1 Quad Auto 25
Madison Goellner PA-MG1 1989 Base Auto
Madison Goellner 8WA-1 8-Way Auto 25
Madison Goellner 15 1989 Base
Madison Goellner DA-4 Dual Auto 25
Madison White PA-MW1 1989 Base Auto
Madison White 16 1989 Base
Madison White DA-3 Dual Auto 25
Madison White QA-1 Quad Auto 25
Megan Kraft PA-MK2 1989 Base Auto
Megan Kraft 8WA-1 8-Way Auto 25
Megan Kraft 17 1989 Base
Megan Kraft DA-5 Dual Auto 25
Megan Kraft QA-1 Quad Auto 25
Molly Phillips PA-MP1 1989 Base Auto
Molly Phillips 18 1989 Base
Nicole Nourse PA-NN1 1989 Base Auto
Nicole Nourse 8WA-1 8-Way Auto 25
Nicole Nourse 19 1989 Base
Nicole Nourse DA-2 Dual Auto 25
Nicole Nourse QA-2 Quad Auto 25
Olivia Bakos PA-OB1 1989 Base Auto
Olivia Bakos 20 1989 Base
Zoey Mitchell PA-ZM1 1989 Base Auto
Zoey Mitchell 21 1989 Base
There are 68 Results in Our Database
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2024 ProSet Southern California Beach Volleyball Trading Card Checklist

Our Database shows 68 Cards to collect including Variations.

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