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23-24 Topps Impact UEFA Club Competitions Soccer Cards


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Release Date: June 7th, 2024
Hobby - 5 Packs per Box - 6 Cards per Pack
Box Break:
Hobby - 1 Autograph and 2 Parallels


Already sold out on the Topps UK Website, Impact offers 30 cards per box and one autograph card. Introducing Dual Autograph cards for 2024 including Real Madrid C.F.’s Jude Bellingham and Manchester City’s Phil Foden amongst others. Please note there is no card numbers with this set and also the base parallels have no names at all but there is 6 different numberings for each card.


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23-24 Topps Impact UEFA Club Competitions Soccer Checklist

This Table Shows 250 Card Results Per Page Sorted by Player Name.
For Easier Reading Use Landscape Mode on Your Phone.
Name Number Card Set Print Run
Alejandro Garnacho Base
Alejandro Garnacho Base 99
Alejandro Garnacho Base 49
Alejandro Garnacho Base 25
Alejandro Garnacho Base 10
Alejandro Garnacho Base 5
Alejandro Garnacho Base 1
Alejandro Garnacho Autographs
Aleksandar Pavlovic Base
Aleksandar Pavlovic Base 99
Aleksandar Pavlovic Base 49
Aleksandar Pavlovic Base 25
Aleksandar Pavlovic Base 10
Aleksandar Pavlovic Base 5
Aleksandar Pavlovic Base 1
Aleksandar Pavlovic Autographs
Amad Diallo Base
Amad Diallo Base 99
Amad Diallo Base 49
Amad Diallo Base 25
Amad Diallo Base 10
Amad Diallo Base 5
Amad Diallo Base 1
Arda Guler Base
Arda Guler Base 99
Arda Guler Base 49
Arda Guler Base 25
Arda Guler Base 10
Arda Guler Base 5
Arda Guler Base 1
Arda Guler Autographs
Arthur Vermeeren Base
Arthur Vermeeren Base 99
Arthur Vermeeren Base 49
Arthur Vermeeren Base 25
Arthur Vermeeren Base 10
Arthur Vermeeren Base 5
Arthur Vermeeren Base 1
Assane Diao Base
Assane Diao Base 99
Assane Diao Base 49
Assane Diao Base 25
Assane Diao Base 10
Assane Diao Base 5
Assane Diao Base 1
Ben Doak Base
Ben Doak Base 99
Ben Doak Base 49
Ben Doak Base 25
Ben Doak Base 10
Ben Doak Base 5
Ben Doak Base 1
Ben Doak Autographs
Ben Doak Dual Auto
Bobby Clark Base
Bobby Clark Base 99
Bobby Clark Base 49
Bobby Clark Base 25
Bobby Clark Base 10
Bobby Clark Base 5
Bobby Clark Base 1
Bradley Barcola Base
Bradley Barcola Base 99
Bradley Barcola Base 49
Bradley Barcola Base 25
Bradley Barcola Base 10
Bradley Barcola Base 5
Bradley Barcola Base 1
Bradley Barcola Autographs
Bryan Zaragoza Base
Bryan Zaragoza Base 99
Bryan Zaragoza Base 49
Bryan Zaragoza Base 25
Bryan Zaragoza Base 10
Bryan Zaragoza Base 5
Bryan Zaragoza Base 1
Bryan Zaragoza Autographs
Carlos Baleba Base
Carlos Baleba Base 99
Carlos Baleba Base 49
Carlos Baleba Base 25
Carlos Baleba Base 10
Carlos Baleba Base 5
Carlos Baleba Base 1
Carlos Forbs Base
Carlos Forbs Base 99
Carlos Forbs Base 49
Carlos Forbs Base 25
Carlos Forbs Base 10
Carlos Forbs Base 5
Carlos Forbs Base 1
Carlos Forbs Autographs
Castello Lukeba Base
Castello Lukeba Base 99
Castello Lukeba Base 49
Castello Lukeba Base 25
Castello Lukeba Base 10
Castello Lukeba Base 5
Castello Lukeba Base 1
Castello Lukeba Autographs
Evan Ferguson Base
Evan Ferguson Base 99
Evan Ferguson Base 49
Evan Ferguson Base 25
Evan Ferguson Base 10
Evan Ferguson Base 5
Evan Ferguson Base 1
Evan Ferguson Autographs
Facundo Buonanotte Base
Facundo Buonanotte Base 99
Facundo Buonanotte Base 49
Facundo Buonanotte Base 25
Facundo Buonanotte Base 10
Facundo Buonanotte Base 5
Facundo Buonanotte Base 1
Facundo Buonanotte Autographs
Fermin Lopez Base
Fermin Lopez Base 99
Fermin Lopez Base 49
Fermin Lopez Base 25
Fermin Lopez Base 10
Fermin Lopez Base 5
Fermin Lopez Base 1
Fermin Lopez Autographs
Fermin Lopez Dual Auto
Florian Wirtz Base
Florian Wirtz Base 99
Florian Wirtz Base 49
Florian Wirtz Base 25
Florian Wirtz Base 10
Florian Wirtz Base 5
Florian Wirtz Base 1
Francesco Camada Base
Francesco Camada Base 99
Francesco Camada Base 49
Francesco Camada Base 25
Francesco Camada Base 10
Francesco Camada Base 5
Francesco Camada Base 1
Goncalo Inacio Base
Goncalo Inacio Base 99
Goncalo Inacio Base 49
Goncalo Inacio Base 25
Goncalo Inacio Base 10
Goncalo Inacio Base 5
Goncalo Inacio Base 1
Goncalo Inacio Autographs
Gustav Isaksen Base
Gustav Isaksen Base 99
Gustav Isaksen Base 49
Gustav Isaksen Base 25
Gustav Isaksen Base 10
Gustav Isaksen Base 5
Gustav Isaksen Base 1
Hugo Larsson Base
Hugo Larsson Base 99
Hugo Larsson Base 49
Hugo Larsson Base 25
Hugo Larsson Base 10
Hugo Larsson Base 5
Hugo Larsson Base 1
Hugo Larsson Autographs
Ian Maatsen Base
Ian Maatsen Base 99
Ian Maatsen Base 49
Ian Maatsen Base 25
Ian Maatsen Base 10
Ian Maatsen Base 5
Ian Maatsen Base 1
Igor Paixao Base
Igor Paixao Base 99
Igor Paixao Base 49
Igor Paixao Base 25
Igor Paixao Base 10
Igor Paixao Base 5
Igor Paixao Base 1
Isaac Babadi Base
Isaac Babadi Base 99
Isaac Babadi Base 49
Isaac Babadi Base 25
Isaac Babadi Base 10
Isaac Babadi Base 5
Isaac Babadi Base 1
Isaac Babadi Autographs
Jack Hinshelwood Base
Jack Hinshelwood Base 99
Jack Hinshelwood Base 49
Jack Hinshelwood Base 25
Jack Hinshelwood Base 10
Jack Hinshelwood Base 5
Jack Hinshelwood Base 1
Jarell Quansah Base
Jarell Quansah Base 99
Jarell Quansah Base 49
Jarell Quansah Base 25
Jarell Quansah Base 10
Jarell Quansah Base 5
Jarell Quansah Base 1
Jarell Quansah Autographs
Jarell Quansah Dual Auto
Jhon Duran Base
Jhon Duran Base 99
Jhon Duran Base 49
Jhon Duran Base 25
Jhon Duran Base 10
Jhon Duran Base 5
Jhon Duran Base 1
Johan Bakayoko Base
Johan Bakayoko Base 99
Johan Bakayoko Base 49
Johan Bakayoko Base 25
Johan Bakayoko Base 10
Johan Bakayoko Base 5
Johan Bakayoko Base 1
Jorrel Hato Base
Jorrel Hato Base 99
Jorrel Hato Base 49
Jorrel Hato Base 25
Jorrel Hato Base 10
Jorrel Hato Base 5
Jorrel Hato Base 1
Josip Sutalo Base
Josip Sutalo Base 99
Josip Sutalo Base 49
Josip Sutalo Base 25
Josip Sutalo Base 10
Josip Sutalo Base 5
Josip Sutalo Base 1
Josip Sutalo Autographs
Jude Bellingham Base
Jude Bellingham Base 99
Jude Bellingham Base 49
Jude Bellingham Base 25
Jude Bellingham Base 10
Jude Bellingham Base 5
Jude Bellingham Base 1
Jude Bellingham Autographs
Jude Bellingham Dual Auto
Kobbie Mainoo Base
Kobbie Mainoo Base 99
Kobbie Mainoo Base 49
Kobbie Mainoo Base 25
Kobbie Mainoo Base 10
Kobbie Mainoo Base 5
Kobbie Mainoo Base 1
Kobbie Mainoo Autographs
Lamine Yamal Base
Lamine Yamal Base 99
Lamine Yamal Base 49
Lamine Yamal Base 25
There are 495 Results in Our Database
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23-24 Topps Impact UEFA Club Competitions Soccer Checklist.

Our Database shows 495 Cards to collect including Variations. Please note that players may appear on multiple player cards but will be split into separate rows for group break purposes.

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