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2019 Topps UFC Chrome Card Checklist

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2019 UFC Chrome

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2019 Topps UFC Chrome is a MMA release that offers the shiny card stoke that has become indicative of the Chrome brand. As one of Topps’ top brands Chrome is used for several different sports, and the UFC release follows the same path as other Topps’ Chrome releases. Offering 2 autographs per box, the release includes a variety of top UFC fighter autos, as well as several insert sets, all at a very reasonable price point. For fans of Mixed Martial Arts, this is a must have set.


Release Date: September 11, 2019

Price: Approx. $65USD Per Hobby Box

Configuration: 4 Cards Per Packs; 24 Packs Per Box; 12 Boxes Per Case

Box Breakdown: 2 Autos; 12 Inserts; 8 Refractor Parallels; 1 Blue Refractor; 1 Green Refractor; 1 X-Fractor





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