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The Force Awakens Funko Pop! Vinyl


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Number Name Notes
58 Rey
59 Finn
60 Kylo Ren
61 BB-8
62 Poe Dameron
63 Chewbacca
63 Flocked Chewbacca Smugglers Bounty
63 Blue Chrome Chewbacca
63 Yellow Chrome Chewbacca
64 C-3P0
64 Metallic C-3P0 Barnes and Noble
65 Last Jedi Box Captain Phasma
65 Captain Phasma
66 First Order Stormtrooper
67 First Order Snowtrooper
67 Last Jedi Box First Order Stormtrooper
68 First Order Flametrooper
68 Last Jedi Box First Order Flametrooper
72 No Helmet Poe Dameron Walmart
73 Rey with Goggles Hot Topic
74 First Order Stormtrooper Amazon
75 First Order Riot Control Stormtrooper
76 Finn in Stormtrooper Armor GameStop
77 Kylo Ren No Hood Target
79 Han Solo
80 Princess Leia
81 Admiral Ackbar
82 Nien Numb
83 Sidon Ithano
84 Varmik
85 Finn with Lightsaber Barnes and Noble
86 Snow Gear Han Solo Loot Crate
87 Unmasked Kylo Ren Walmart
88 Helmeted Nien Numb GameStop
89 FA Tie Fighter Pilot Smugglers Bounty
90 Ceremonial Luke Skywalker
90 FA Red Stripe Tie Fighter Pilot
91 Chrome Captain Phasma Smugglers Bounty
100 Blood Smear FN-2187 Target
104 Rey with Lightsaber
105 Kylo Ren with Lightsaber
106 Force Awakens Luke Skywalker
107 General Leia
108 Maz Kanata
109 General Hux
110 Snap Wexley
111 FN-2199
112 Guavian
113 ME-809
114 Rey Walgreens
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