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Number Name Notes
SE Superman Kingdom Come SDCC 2017
SE Superman Red Son SDCC 2017
SE Superman Man of Steel SDCC 2017
Wonder Woman - Steve Trevor 2-Pack - For Your Entertainment
Batman vs Superman Metallic 2-Pack - Walmart
Gold Red Blue Wonder Woman 3-Pack
Batman vs Superman Gitd 2-Pack - Toys R Us
Batman vs Superman 2-Pack - SDCC 2015
5 Superman Conan SDCC 2016
6 Superman SDCC 2011
6 Superman Metallic SDCC 2011
7 Metallic Superman Chase
7 Superman
7 Kingdom Come Superman Bedrock City
7 Bobblehead Metallic Superman Target - Chase
7 B&W Superman Hot Topic
7 Bobblehead Superman Target
7 New 52 Superman PX Previews
7 Gitd Silhouette Superman Entertainment Earth
7 Silver Superman Hot Topic
11 Superman Tshirt Sheldon SDCC 2012
19 Clark Kent Conan GameStop
27 Domo Superman
28 Domo Man of Steel SDCC 2013
29 Superman *Man of Steel*
32 Black Suit Superman SDCC 2013
57 White Lantern Superman Fugitive Toys
57 Glowing White Lantern Superman Fugitive Toys
60 Red Son Superman MIDTOWN
64 Bizarro Superman
76 Superman Sloth SDCC 14
83 Gold BK Superman
83 Blackest Knight Superman
84 Batman
85 Superman
86 Wonder Woman
86 Patina Wonder Woman Books-A-Million
86 Sepia Wonder Woman Walmart
87 Underwater Aquaman
87 Aquaman
87 Patina Aquaman Entertainment Earth
88 Armored Batman Legion of Collectors
89 Knightmare Batman
90 Superman Soldier
114 Superman
129 Doomsday 6 inch SDCC 16
130 False God Superman SDCC 16
145 Clark Kent Hot Topic
159 Classic Superman Legion of Collectors
207 Superman
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