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Pop Town Category - Funko Pop! Vinyl


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Number Name Info Notes
1 Scooby and Haunted Mansion Scooby Doo - Hanna Barbera
2 Spongebob with Gary and Pineapple House Spongebob Squarepants
3 Dr. Peter Venkman with Firehouse Ghostbusters - Bill Murray
4 U.A. High School with Izuku Midoriya My Hero Academia
5 Up House with Kevin Up Movie - Pixar NYCC 2019 - BoxLunch
6 Beetlejuice with Dantes Inferno Room Beetlejuice Hot Topic
7 Jack Skellington and House Jack Skellington - Nightmare Before Xmas
8 Hagrids Hut with Fang Harry Potter - Hagrid
10 Demonic Pennywise and Funhouse Pennywise - It Movie
11 Dagobah Yoda with Hut Star Wars - Yoda
14 Fred Flintstone with House The Flintstones - Fred Flintstone
15 Doc with Clock Tower Back to the Future
16 The Burrow and Molly Weasley Harry Potter NYCC 2020 - FunkoShop
20 Sleeping Beauty Castle with Walt Sleeping Beauty - Walt Disney Disney Exclusive
21 Sleeping Beauty Castle with Mickey Mouse Mansion Sleeping Beauty - Mickey Mouse
22 Bobs Big Boy Restauraunt with Big Boy Big Boy
24 South Park Elementary w PC Principal South Park
25 Michael Myers with Myers House Michael Myers - Halloween Movie Spirit Halloween
26 Cinderella Castle and Mickey Mouse Cinderella - Mickey Mouse
26 Cinderella Castle and Mickey Mouse - Gold Cinderella - Mickey Mouse Disney
27 Albus Dumbledore with Hogwarts Harry Potter - Albus Dumbledore
28 Space Mountain and Mickey Mouse Mickey Mouse Amazon
30 John Hammond with Gates Jurassic Park Target
31 Hollywood Tower Motel and Mickey Mouse Mickey Mouse
31 Hollywood Tower Motel and Mickey Mouse - Gold Mickey Mouse Disney
32 Smee with Skull Rock Peter Pan - Smee NYCC 2022
33 Minerva McGonagall with Hogwarts Harry Potter - McGonagall
35 Avengers Tower and Iron Man - Gitd Avengers - Iron Man - Age of Ultron PX Previews
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