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New York Comic Con Exclusive - Funko Pop! Vinyl


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Number Name Category
Butabi Brothers SNL
Katayanagi Twins Movies
Magilla Gorilla - Mr Peebles Animated
Rosie the Robot Animated
Fry and Leela Alternate Universe Animated
Ak and Samurai Jack Animated
Wanderer - Heretic Television
The Creators Television
Buffy - Faith Television
Sam - Dean - Crowley Television
Sam - Dean - Crowley Metallic Television
Sam - Dean - Crowley Signature Television
Sam - Dean - Crowley AP Television
Jan Brady - George Glass Television
1 Stan Lee Stan Lee
1 Adam Bomb Metallic Garbage Pail Kids
1 Flashpoint Batman DC
1 Keith Haring Artists
1 Jean-Michel Basquiat Artists
1 Batman Blue and Grey 8-Bit
2 Stan Lee Stan Lee
2 Flocked Cookie Monster Sesame Street
2 Babe Ruth Pinstripes Other
3 Stan Lee Superhero Stan Lee
3 Stan Lee Gold Stan Lee
3 Patina Cthulhu Books
5 Up House with Kevin Pop Town
8 Shredder 8-Bit
9 Foot Soldier Purple 8-Bit
9 Foot Soldier Blue 8-Bit
9 Foot Soldier Red 8-Bit
9 Foot Soldier White 8-Bit
9 Foot Soldier Yellow 8-Bit
10 Planet Arlia Vegeta Animated
10 Red Deadpool Chimichanga Truck Vehicles
13 Beach Head Retro Toys
15 Gitd Jack Skellington Disney
16 Gitd Sally Disney
19 Indys Ride Vehicles
22 Edgar Allen Poe with Book Icon Series
23 Paulie Pigeon Red Shirt Icon Series
23 Paulie Pigeon Black Shirt Icon Series
23 Paulie Pigeon Pinstripe Jsy Icon Series
25 Posiedons Rage Kratos Games
25 Augerery Fantastic Beasts
25 Gitd Orange Catbug Animated
27 Hello Kitty Lady Liberty Hello Kitty
44 Zack Ryder Wrestling
51 Metallic TIE Fighter Star Wars
52 Boggart as Snape Harry Potter
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Funko Pop, Multicolor (49163)
Funko Pop! Disney: Pinocchio (Exclusive)
Funko Vaulted Item


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