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Number Name Notes
Rush 3-Pack
Iron Maiden 4-Pack - Alliance Entertainment
BTS 7-Pack - Barnes and Noble
Rush 3-Pack - 2018 Fan Expo Canada
The Police 3-Pack - FunkoShop
Beatles Yellow Submarine 4-Pack
1 Metallic Purple Haze Chase
1 Purple Haze
2 Gold Colorway 1950s Elvis Chase
2 1950s Elvis
3 1970s Elvis
3 Gitd 1970s Elvis Chase
4 The Demon
4 Gitd The Demon Chase
5 Gitd Spaceman Chase
5 The Spaceman
6 Starchild
6 Gitd Starchild Chase
7 Catman
7 Gitd Catman Chase
8 Reggae Rasta
8 Metallic Reggae Rase Chase
9 Run Run DMC
10 DMC Run DMC
11 Jam Master Jay Run DMC
12 Ozzy Osborne
13 Johnny Ramone Hey Ho Lets Go
14 Dee Dee Ramone Hey Ho Lets Go
15 Chuck D. Public Enemy
16 Flavor Flav Public Enemy
18 Metallic Notorious BIG SDCC 2011
18 Notorious BIG
19 Tupac
20 Johnny Rotten
21 Sid Vicious Sex Pistols
22 Michael Jackson Billie Jean
23 Michael Jackson Beat It
24 Michael Jackson Smooth Criminal
25 Michael Jackson Bad
26 Michael Jackson
27 John Lennon
27 John Lennon Color Reject Gemini Collectibles
28 Paul McCartney
28 Paul McCartney Color Reject Gemini Collectibles
29 George Harrison
29 George Harrison Color Reject Gemini Collectibles
30 Ringo Starr Color Reject Gemini Collectibles
30 Ringo Starr
31 Blue Meanie Color Reject Gemini Collectibles
31 Blue Meanie
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Funko Rocks: POP! Salt-N-Pepa Collectors Set - Salt, Pepa
Funko Pop! Rocks: Weezer - Rivers Cuomo
Funko Rocks: Pop! The Police Collectors Set - Sting, Andy Summers, Stewart Copeland


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Funko Pop! Disney: Pinocchio (Exclusive)
Funko Pop, Multicolor (49163)
Funko Pop! Rides: Ice Cube in Impala, Multicolor


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