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Number Name Notes
Romeo - Juliet 2-Pack - Target
Dennis Nedry - Dilophosaurus 2-Pack - Entertainment Earth
Vegan Police 2-Pack - SDCC 2019 - FunkoShop
Gideon - Ramona 2-Pack - ECCC 2018
Matthew Patel - Demon Chick 2-Pack - SDCC 2018
Katayanagi Twins 2-Pack - NYCC 2018 - FunkoShop
Sex - Bob-Omb 3-Pack - SDCC 2016
Universal Monsters Metallic 4-Pack
Aragorn and Arwen 2-Pack - SDCC 2017
Frog Brothers 2-Pack - FunkoShop
Universal Monsters 4-Pack
The Grady Twins Bloody 2-Pack - Target
Squints - Wendy Peffercorn 2-Pack - Target
Mr. Blonde
Mr. White
The Grady Twins 2-Pack - Target
Mr. Pink
Gate Keeper - Zuul - Key Master 3-Pack - Walmart
Venkman - Slimer Metallic 2-Pack - SDCC 2014
Yates - Tolan - Gilbert - Holtzman 4-Pack - For Your Entertainment - HMV
Ghostbusters Marshmallowed 4-Pack - SDCC 2014
Zoltar 6 Inch
Josh Baskin Piano
Josh Baskin Suit
Josh Baskin Tuxedo Target
Freddy Krueger - Jason Voorhees 2-Pack - For Your Entertainment
Freddy Krueger - Jason Voorhees Bloody 2-Pack - BoxLunch
Grinch - Cindy-Lou Who 2-Pack - Barnes and Noble
Rose - Jack 2-Pack - Target
Wayne - Garth Hockey 2-Pack - Target
Chuck with Wilson Volleyball
Chuck with Crab Target
Baby and Johnny 2-Pack - Target
Bob Barker and Happy Gilmore 2-Pack
Sidney and Billy 2-Pack - Target
Paul Atreides
The Wet Bandits 2-Pack - Best Buy
Clark Griswold and Cousin Eddie 2-Pack - For Your Entertainment
Godzilla and Kong 2-Pack - Books-A-Million
Deadite and Ash 2-Pack
1 Jason Voorhees
1 Gitd Jason Voorhees Chase
2 Gitd Freddy Kreuger Chase
2 Freddy Krueger
3 Gitd Michael Myers Chase
3 Michael Myers
4 Gizmo Green For Your Entertainment
4 Flocked Gizmo SDCC 11
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Funko Pop! Movies: The Warriors - Baseball Fury [Red] #824 Exclusive
Funko Movies: POP! Major League Collectors Set - Ricky Vaugh, Jake Taylor
Funko Pop! Movies: Happy Gilmore - Happy Gilmore
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