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Number Name Notes
Strange - Mordo - Ancient One - Kaecilius 4-Pack - Disney Store
Black Panther vs Monster Hunter 2-Pack - Chase - Best Buy
Captain Marvel vs Chun-Li 2-Pack - Chase - Hot Topic
Black Panther vs Monster Hunter 2-Pack
Captain Marvel vs Chun-Li 2-Pack
Gamora vs Strider 2-Pack
Gamora vs Strider 2-Pack - Chase - For Your Entertainment
Ultron vs Sigma 2-Pack - Toys R Us
Rocket vs Mega Man 2-Pack
Rocket vs Mega Man 2-Pack - Chase - GameStop
Ultron vs Sigma 2-Pack
Hulk - Thanos 2-Pack - Barnes and Noble
Groot-SL-Ego-Gamora 4-Pack - Costco
Groot and Rocket 2-Pack - For Your Entertainment
Rocket- Lylla 2-Pack - For Your Entertainment
Thor - Groot 2-Pack - Books-A-Million
Captain America - Iron Man Action 2-Pack - Collector Corps
Captain America - Iron Man 2-Pack - For Your Entertainment
Drax-Rocket-Taserface-Mantis 4-Pack - Costco
Iron Man Spider-Man 2-Pack - Target
Captain America Civil War 4-Pack - Europe Disney Store
Captain America Civil War 4-Pack - Pop and Keychain Bundle
Cap America-iron Man-Hawkeye-Spider-Man 4-Pack
Peter Parker - Spider-Man 2-Pack - Best Buy
Billy and Tommy Halloween 2-Pack - 2021 ECCC
She-Hulk - Spider-Gwen 2-Pack - Barnes and Noble
Cap America-Iron Man-Agent 13-Black Panther-Crossbones 5-Pack - Euro Disney
1 Thor
2 Loki
3 Spider-man
3 B&W Spider-man Fugitive Toys
3 Metallic Spider-man SDCC 2011
3 Red/Black Spider-man Hot Topic
4 Iron Man
4 Blue Stealth Iron Man Rhode Island Comic Con
5 XForce Wolverine Hot Topic
5 Classic Brown Wolverine Zapp
5 B&W Wolverine Fugitive Toys
5 Wolverine
6 B&W Captain America Gemini Collectibles
6 Captain America
6 Metallic Captain America SDCC 2011
6 Unmasked Captain America Comikaze
6 Metallic Unmasked Capt. America
7 Red Skull
8 The Hulk
9 The Thing Blue Eyes
9 The Thing Black Eyes
9 Metallic The Thing SDCC 11
9 B&W Thing Gemini Collectibles
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Funko Pop! Marvel: Marvel Zombies - Wolverine
Funko Pop! Marvel: Dark Captain Marvel, Summer Convention Exclusive
Funko Pop! Marvel: Avengers Game - Captain America (Stark Tech Suit)


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Funko Pop! Animation: My Hero Academia - Shigaraki, Multicolor


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