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Lord of the Rings Funko Pop! Vinyl


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Number Name Notes
Aragorn and Arwen 2-Pack - SDCC 2017
63 Witch King with Fellbeast
72 Gandalf on Gwaihir
122 Sauron
123 Tauriel
124 Smaug
124 Yellow Eyes Smaug chase
124 Gold Eyes Smaug Hot Topic
443 Gandalf
444 Frodo Baggins
444 Blue Eyes Frodo Baggins Chase
444 Invisible Frodo Baggins Barnes and Noble
445 Samwise Gamgee
446 Nazgul
447 Saruman
448 6 Inch Balrog
448 Gitd Balrog NYCC 17
449 Twilight Ringwraith Hot Topic
528 Merry Brandybuck
529 6 Inch Treebeard
530 Pippin Took
531 Aragorn
532 Gollum
532 Gollum with Fishes Chase
533 Lurtz
534 King Aragorn Toys R Us
535 Invisible Gollum Barnes and Noble
628 Legolas
629 Gimli
630 Boromir
631 Galadriel
632 Witch King
633 Dunharrow King
634 Tempted Galadriel Barnes and Noble
635 Elrond Hot Topic
636 Grishnakh ECCC
845 Galdalf the White Hot Topic
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