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Number Name Notes
Bugs Bunny Diamond Collection
Mr Hyde and Bugs Bunny 2-Pack SDCC 2017
13 Bugs Bunny FunkoShop
207 Michigan J. Frog ECCC 2017
255 Daffy Duck Superhero SDCC 2017
261 Pete Puma PopUp Shop
263 Gossamer Specialty Series
263 Flocked Gossamer FunkoShop
287 Speedy Gonzales NYCC 2017
307 Bugs Bunny
307 Flocked Bugs Bunny Target
308 Daffy Duck
309 Sylvester with Tweety
310 Elmer Fudd Viking
311 Bugs Bunny Opera
312 Taz
326 Gremlin FunkoShop
395 Pepe Le Pew SDCC 2018
396 Playboy Penguin SDCC 2018
734 Wile E Coyote FunkoShop
735 Road Runner FunkoShop
837 King Bugs Bunny Target
840 Bugs Bunny with Fruit Hat
841 Bugs Bunny Snow Outfit
842 Bugs Bunny as Superman For Your Entertainment
844 Taz as The Flash For Your Entertainment
844 Sylvester as Batman For Your Entertainment
866 Wile E Coyote as Cyborg For Your Entertainment
890 Lola Bunny as Wonder Woman For Your Entertainment
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