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Number Name Notes
Harry - Voldemort 2-Pack - For Your Entertainment
Fred - George 2-Pack - Books-A-Million
Harry - Ron - Hermione 3-Pack - Barnes and Noble
Cornish Pixie - Mandrake - Grindylow 3-Pack - SDCC 2016
Hermione - Krum 2-Pack - Barnes and Noble
Quidditch Cup 3-Pack - Barnes and Noble - ECCC 2019
Dumbledore - McGonagle - Snape 3-Pack - Books-A-Million
1 Harry Potter
2 Ron Weasley
3 Hermione Granger
4 Albus Dumbledore
5 Severus Snape
6 Lord Voldemort
7 Rubeus Hagrid 6 Inch
8 Quidditch Harry Potter Hot Topic
9 Harry Potter with Sword of Gryffindor Hot Topic
10 TriWizard Harry Potter
11 Yule Ball Hermione Granger
12 Yule Ball Ron Weasley
13 Draco Malfoy
14 Luna Lovegood
15 Albus Dumbledore with Wand
16 Sirius Black
17 Dobby
18 Dementor
19 Draco Malfoy with Broom Hot Topic
20 Cedric Diggory Hot Topic
21 Harry Potter with Sorting Hat Barnes and Noble
22 Neville Longbottom with Trevor
22 Neville Longbottom Barnes and Noble
23 Cornish Pixie from 3 Pack
24 Mandrakes from 3 Pack
25 Grindylow from 3 Pack
26 Harry Potter with Golden Egg Target
27 Harry in Sweater Hot Topic
28 Ron in Sweater Hot Topic
29 Azkhaban Bellatrix Hot Topic
30 Death Eater Mask Lucius Malfoy Hot Topic
31 Harry with Hedwig Hot Topic
31 Harry Potter on Broom SDCC
32 Harry with Prophesy
33 Fred Weasley
34 George Weasley
35 Bellatrix Lestrange
36 Lucius Malfoy
37 Professor Minerva McGonagall
38 Mad Eye Moody
39 Dolores Umbridge
40 Lucius Malfoy with Prophesy For Your Entertainment
41 Luna Lovegood SDCC
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Funko Harry Potter POP! Movie Vinyl Collectors Set: Harry Potter, Ron Weasley & Hermione Action Figure
Funko Pop Movies Harry Potter-Ginny Weasley Toy
Funko Pop! Movies: Harry Potter - Fawkes


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