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Glow in the Dark Exclusive - Funko Pop! Vinyl


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Number Name Category Notes
33 Medium Invader Green Gitd 8-Bit GameStop
15 Ryu Gitd 8-Bit Chase - GameStop
14 Raiden Gitd 8-Bit Chase
13 Gyro Attack Gitd 8-Bit 2018 Fan Expo Canada
12 Predator Gitd 8-Bit Chase - GameStop
117 Chester Cheetah Flamin Hot Gitd Advertising BoxLunch
77 Cheetos Chester Cheetah Gitd Advertising Target
51 Jollibee in Philippines Barong Gitd Advertising Hobbiestock
31 Gitd Blue Bandana Twinkie the Kid Advertising Target - Chase
31 Gitd Twinkie the Kid Advertising Target
20 Gitd Cozmic Capn Advertising FunkoShop
17 The Noid Gitd Advertising Target - Dominos
11 Gitd Lucky the Leprechaun Advertising FunkoShop
3 Gitd Boo Berry Advertising SDCC 11
Kang and Kodos Gitd Animated 2-Pack - SDCC 2019
Evil Minion - Carl - Dave Gitd Animated 3-Pack - Barnes and Noble
1031 Homer Jack-in-the-Box Gitd Animated FunkoShop
1029 Devil Flanders Gitd Animated Amazon
838 Zuko Gitd Animated BoxLunch
819 Super Saiyan Kale Gitd Animated Chalice Collectibles
818 Super Saiyan Hercule Gitd Animated Specialty Series
815 Super Saiyan Kale Gitd Animated BoxLunch
810 Phoenix Ikki Gitd Animated Barnes and Noble
785 Endeavor Gitd Animated Amazon
759 Perfect Cell Gitd Animated ECCC 2020
743 The Great Gazoo Gitd Animated ECCC 2020
724 Naruto Hokage Gitd Animated AAA Anime - Chase
721 Terrible Tornado Gitd Animated Chase
713 Vegeta Powering Up Gitd Animated Chalice Collectibles - Chase
709 Super Saiyan 2 Vegeta Gitd Animated PX Previews - Chase
699 Mitsuki Sage Mode Gitd Animated Hot Topic
667 Hologram Rick Clone Gitd Animated FunkoShop
665 Hologram Rick Gitd Animated Amazon
648 All Might Weakened Gitd Animated BoxLunch
632 Captain Cutler Gitd Animated FunkoShop
623 Gitd Legendary Super Saiyan Broly 6 Inch Animated Galactic Toys
608 Silver Age All Might Gitd Animated Hot Topic
596 Deku Gitd Animated Entertainment Earth
570 Dr. Xenon Bloom Gitd Animated
541 Aang Gitd Animated Hot Topic
478 Shiro Gitd Animated Hot Topic
372 Todoroki Gitd Animated Convention Exclusive
356 Funshine Bear Gitd Animated Chase
350 Rickle Rick Gitd Animated PX Previews - SDCC 2019
351 Cheer Bear Gitd Animated Chase
317 Whis Gitd Animated Galactic Toys
316 Zamasu Gitd Animated Walmart
248 All Might Gitd Animated Funimation
227 Gitd Reptar Animated Entertainment Earth
202 Gitd HIM Animated Chase
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Genie with Lamp [Glow-in-Dark] (Specialty Series): Fun ko Pop! Vinyl Figure & 1 Compatible Graphic Protector Bundle (476 - 35759 - B)
Funko POP! TV: Glow - Debbie Eagan and Ruth Wilder Set of 2 Figures Shipped in Playola Pop Protectors
Funko Glow - Debbie & Ruth 2 Pack Collectible Figure, Multicolor


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Glow in the Dark Funko Pop! Vinyl Database - This page will only show Pops that have the Glow in the Dark Feature and No Others.




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