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Glow in the Dark Exclusive - Funko Pop! Vinyl


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Number Name Category Notes
12 Predator Gitd 8-Bit Chase - GameStop
13 Gyro Attack Gitd 8-Bit 2018 Fan Expo Canada
14 Raiden Gitd 8-Bit Chase
15 Ryu Gitd 8-Bit Chase - GameStop
33 Medium Invader Green Gitd 8-Bit GameStop
3 Gitd Boo Berry Advertising SDCC 2011
11 Gitd Lucky the Leprechaun Advertising FunkoShop
17 The Noid Gitd Advertising Target - Dominos
20 Gitd Cozmic Capn Advertising FunkoShop
31 Gitd Twinkie the Kid Advertising Target
31 Gitd Blue Bandana Twinkie the Kid Advertising Target - Chase
51 Jollibee in Philippines Barong Gitd Advertising Hobbiestock
77 Cheetos Chester Cheetah Gitd Advertising Target
117 Chester Cheetah Flamin Hot Gitd Advertising BoxLunch
Kang and Kodos Gitd Animated 2-Pack - NYCC 2022
Evil Minion - Carl - Dave Gitd Animated 3-Pack - Barnes and Noble
Final Selection Guides Gitd Animated 2-pack - Amazon
3 Gitd Frankenstein Jr Animated Gemini Collectibles
14 Gitd Super Saiyan Goku Animated Entertainment Earth
25 Gitd Orange Catbug Animated NYCC 2015
61 Ken Kaneki Gitd Animated Hot Topic
85 Gitd Steven Animated
86 Gitd Garnet Animated Hot Topic
88 Gitd Pearl Animated Hot Topic
97 Gitd Kurama Mode Kurama Animated GameStop
127 Gitd White Duck Dodgers Animated
127 Gitd Blue Duck Dodgers Animated SDCC 2016
127 Green Gitd Duck Dodgers Animated SDCC 2016
186 Naruto Six Path Gitd Animated Hot Topic
202 Gitd HIM Animated Chase
227 Gitd Reptar Animated Entertainment Earth
233 Female Titan Gitd Animated Bait
248 All Might Gitd Animated Funimation
316 Zamasu Gitd Animated Walmart
317 Whis Gitd Animated Galactic Toys
350 Rickle Rick Gitd Animated PX Previews - SDCC 2019
351 Cheer Bear Gitd Animated Chase
356 Funshine Bear Gitd Animated Chase
372 Todoroki Gitd Animated Convention Exclusive
478 Shiro Gitd Animated Hot Topic
541 Aang Gitd Animated Hot Topic
570 Dr. Xenon Bloom Gitd Animated
596 Deku Gitd Animated Entertainment Earth
608 Silver Age All Might Gitd Animated Hot Topic
623 Gitd Legendary Super Saiyan Broly 6 Inch Animated Galactic Toys
632 Captain Cutler Gitd Animated FunkoShop
648 All Might Weakened Gitd Animated BoxLunch
665 Hologram Rick Gitd Animated Amazon
667 Hologram Rick Clone Gitd Animated FunkoShop
699 Mitsuki Sage Mode Gitd Animated Hot Topic
709 Super Saiyan 2 Vegeta Gitd Animated PX Previews - Chase
713 Vegeta Powering Up Gitd Animated Chalice Collectibles - Chase
721 Terrible Tornado Gitd Animated Chase
724 Naruto Hokage Gitd Animated AAA Anime - Chase
743 The Great Gazoo Gitd Animated ECCC 2020
759 Perfect Cell Gitd Animated ECCC 2020
761 Korra Metallic Gitd Animated Box Warehouse
785 Endeavor Gitd Animated Amazon
810 Phoenix Ikki Gitd Animated Barnes and Noble
815 Super Saiyan Kale Gitd Animated BoxLunch
818 Super Saiyan Hercule Gitd Animated Specialty Series
819 Super Saiyan Kale Gitd Animated Chalice Collectibles
838 Zuko Gitd Animated BoxLunch
873 Tanjiro Kamado Gitd Animated BoxLunch
874 Tanjiro Kamado Gitd Animated Galactic Toys - Chase
932 Naruto Sixth Path Sage Gitd Animated
940 Aang Spirit Gitd Animated BoxLunch
981 Shinra with Fire Gitd Animated BoxLunch
983 Tamaki Gitd Animated Hot Topic
1000 Aang Avatar State Gitd Animated Target
1001 Admiral Zhao Gitd Animated Amazon
1002 The Blue Spirit Gitd Animated Hot Topic - Chase
1004 Mirio Togata Gitd Animated Hot Topic
1008 Infinite Deku with Eri Gitd Animated FunkoShop
1016 Trafalgar Law Gitd Animated AAA Anime - Chase
1019 Hello Kitty Gitd Animated Target
1029 Devil Flanders Gitd Animated Amazon
1031 Homer Jack-in-the-Box Gitd Animated FunkoShop
1035 Boruto Gitd Animated Entertainment Earth
1036 Kawaki Gitd Animated Hot Topic
1040 Sasuke Gitd Animated Chalice Collectibles - Chase
1079 Azula Gitd Animated Big Apple - Chase
1095 Princess Hibana Gitd Animated Funimation 2021
1102 Luck Voltia Gitd Animated AAA Anime - Chase
1103 Kakashi Raikin Gitd Animated GameStop
1104 Fully-Hollowed Ichigo Gitd Animated Entertainment Earth - Chase
1116 Ryomen Sukuna Deluxe Gitd Animated Walmart
1118 Ryomen Sukuna with Heart Gitd Animated Galactic Toys - Chase
1130 Katara Gitd Animated Volcano X
1140 Shredder with Weapon Gitd Animated FunkoShop
1140 Izuku Midoriya Gitd Animated B&N
1157 Mereoleona Gitd Animated GameStop
1176 Edward Elric Gitd Animated Chase
1196 Madara Uchiha Six Paths Gitd Animated GameStop
1199 Kakashi Hatake Gitd Animated AAA Anime - Chase
1199 Kakashi Hatake Gitd Animated AAA Anime
1204 Hopeful Heart Bear Gitd Animated Chase - Care Bears 40th
1258 Shoto Todoroki Gitd Animated Chalice Collectibles - Chase
1288 Zoro Enma Gitd Animated Chalice Collectibles
1298 Kikyo Gitd Animated Amazon
1305 Kanao Tsuyuri Gitd Animated Barnes and Noble
1308 Kyojuro Rengoku Gitd Animated Walmart
3 Gitd Cthulhu Books Entertainment Earth
4 Gitd Clockwork Orange Alex DeLarge Classic Movies Chase
8 Black Adam Gitd Comic Covers
10 Venom Gitd Comic Covers PX Previews
11 Lying Cat Gitd Comics Skybound
Batman vs Superman Gitd DC 2-Pack - Toys R Us
1 Gitd Silhouette Batman DC Entertainment Earth
7 Gitd Silhouette Superman DC Entertainment Earth
8 Gitd Silhouette Wonder Woman DC Entertainment Earth
9 Gitd Green Lantern DC SDCC 2010
9 Gitd Silhouette Green Lantern DC Entertainment Earth
10 Gitd Silhouette The Flash DC Entertainment Earth
16 Gitd Silhouette Aquaman DC Entertainment Earth
34 Gitd Harley Quinn DC PX Previews
35 Gitd Darkseid DC Gemini Collectibles
39 Gitd Reverse Flash Gitd DC DCC 2013
39 Gitd Reverse Flash DC DCC 2013
58 Gitd White LanternBatman DC Fugitive Toys
59 Gitd White Lantern The Flash DC Fugitive Toys
70 Gitd WL Wonder Woman DC Fugitive Toys
82 Gitd Swamp Thing DC PX Previews
91 Gitd White Lantern Firestorm DC Fugitive Toys
95 Gitd Silhouette Cyborg DC Entertainment Earth
102 Gitd Killer Croc DC Barnes and Noble
179 Gitd Emerald City Crusader DC ECCC
220 Gitd Yellow Lantern Batman DC Fugitive Toys
237 Gitd Kyle Rayner White Lantern DC Fugitive Toys
260 Gitd Shazam DC Hot Topic
320 Kid Flash Gitd DC Hot Topic - Chase
360 Batman Murder Machine Gitd DC Hot Topic - Chase
361 Wonder Woman Gitd DC ECCC 2021
Buzz Lightyear - Zurg Gitd Disney 2-Pack - D23 2013
Sora - Goofy - Donald Tron Gitd Disney 3-Pack - GameSpot
5 Gitd Mike Wazowski Disney SDCC 2011
15 Gitd Jack Skellington Disney NYCC 2012
16 Gitd Sally Disney NYCC 2012
39 Gitd Oogie Boogie Disney SDCC 2012
69 Gitd DotD Jack Skellington Disney Hot Topic
70 Gitd Day of the Dead Sally Disney Hot Topic
71 Zero Gitd Disney Chase
77 Gitd Maleficent Disney Hot Topic
93 Gitd Lumiere Disney Hot Topic
111 Glow Baymax 6 inch Gitd Disney AMAZON
153 Pumpkin King Gitd Disney Hot Topic
153 Gitd Pumpkin King Disney Hot Topic
162 Gitd White Phineas Disney SDCC 2016
163 Gitd White Ezra Disney SDCC 2016
164 Gitd White Gus Disney
178 Gitd Cheshire Cat Disney Books-A-Million
209 Seated Sally Flocked Gitd Disney Walgreens
211 Behemoth Gitd Disney Walgreens
212 Harlequin Demon Gitd Disney Barnes and Noble
232 Gitd Maleficent Disney Hot Topic Chase
258 Gitd Joly Roger Disney SDCC 2017
300 Negatron Gitd Disney SDCC 2017
303 Gitd Miguel Disney Toys R Us
335 Gitd Shadow Heartless Disney Chase
336 Zero with Bone Gitd Disney BoxLunch - Chase
356 Gitd Red Jafar Disney Chase
359 Gitd Yzma Disney Chase
369 Gitd Screenslaver Disney
378 Hercules Gitd Disney Chase
381 Orange Gitd Hades Disney Hot Topic Chase
381 Gitd Hades Disney Hot Topic
436 Zero Dog House Gitd Disney BoxLunch - Chase
463 Megavolt Gitd Disney GameStop - Chase
476 Genie with Lamp Gitd Disney Specialty
508 Dr. Facilier Masked Gitd Disney BoxLunch
525 Alien Gitd Disney For Your Entertainment
539 Genie Gitd Disney Amazon
569 Ursula 10 Inch Gitd Disney
575 Madame Leota Gitd Disney Disney Parks
598 Vampire Jack Gitd Disney
598 Vampire Jack Gitd Disney Walgreens
602 Jack in Fountain Gitd Disney BoxLunch - Movie Moment
720 Maleficient as the Dragon Gitd Disney BoxLunch
745 Soul 22 Gitd Disney Barnes and Noble
783 Treasure Skeleton Gitd Disney Disney Parks - ECCC 2021
809 Jack Skellington with Zero 10 Inch Gitd Disney For Your Entertainment
810 Oogie Boogie Gitd 10 Inch Disney FunkoShop
982 Pepita 6 Inch Gitd Disney BoxLunch
1004 Sisu Gitd Disney Walmart
1059 Cheshire Cat Gitd Disney BAM
1086 Alebrije Dante Gitd Disney BoxLunch
1150 Bruno Madrigal Gitd Disney FunkoShop
1210 Buzz Lightyear XL-01 Gitd Disney Amazon
1234 Skeleton Stitch Gitd Disney Pop in a Box - Chase
1327 Mirabel Gitd Disney
20 Matagot Gitd Fantastic Beasts
28 Gitd Zouwu Fantastic Beasts FunkoShop
1 Franken Berry Gitd Freddy Funko SDCC 2011
2 Count Chocula Gitd Freddy Funko SDCC 2011
3 Buzz Lightyear Gitd Freddy Funko SDCC 2011
11 The Demon Gitd Freddy Funko SDCC 2012
16 Beetlejuice Gitd Freddy Funko SDCC 2012
23 Joker Gitd Freddy Funko SDCC 2013
30 Dr. Emmett Brown Gitd Freddy Funko SDCC 2014
31 Joker Gitd Freddy Funko SDCC 2014
33 Ghost Rider Gitd Freddy Funko PX Previews
39 Deathstroke Gitd Freddy Funko SDCC 2015
43 Mad Hatter Gitd Freddy Funko SDCC 2016
3 Dark Wanderer Gitd Game Covers GameStop
6 Gitd White Walker Game of Thrones HMV
44 Gitd Night King Game of Thrones GameStop
84 Night King with Dagger Gitd Game of Thrones HBO
33 Gitd Murloc Games ECCC
50 Gitd Glowing One Games GameStop
53 Gitd Vault Boy Games GameStop
109 Gitd Foxy the Pirate Games Toys R Us
110 Gitd Springtrap Games
111 Gitd Nightmare Freddy Games
128 Gitd Toy Freddy Games For Your Entertainment
150 Ciri Gitd Games 2019 E3 Expo
159 Gitd Tyrant Games Target
221 Vivec Gitd Games GameStop
241 Gitd Croata Games Target
266 Neighbor Pumpkinhead Gitd Games Toys R Us
273 Gitd Crash Bandicoot Games Best Buy
283 Gitd Sonic with Ring Games Toys R Us
314 Legendary Chalice Gitd Games E3 Expo
320 Gitd Creeper Games For Your Entertainment
391 Camilla Gitd Games
402 Wendy and Abigail Gitd with Veil Games
438 Skull Trooper Gitd Games
442 Dark Voyager Gitd Games NYCC
443 Rex Gitd Games Target
464 Dark Vanguard Gitd Games
465 Ragnarok Gitd Games Walmart
509 Battle Hound Gitd Games E3 Expo 2019
510 Loot Llama Gitd Games SDCC 2019 - Walmart
520 Pumpkin Reaper Gitd Games Blizzard
525 Maya Gitd Games GameStop - Chase
554 Geralt Igni Gitd Games GameStop
588 V-Male Gitd Games GameStop
592 Johnny Silverhand Gitd Games Alliance Entertainment
625 Sombra Gitd Games GameStop
633 Silver Gitd Games Hot Topic
893 Batgirl Gitd Games Amazon
906 Echo Jumbo Gitd Games Walmart
914 Gelatinous Cube Gitd Games WonderCon 2023
1 Adam Bomb Gitd Garbage Pail Kids Chase
61 Translucent Gitd Moaning Myrtle Harry Potter SDCC 2017
62 Gitd Nearly Headless Nick Harry Potter SDCC 2017
42 Space Gitd Hello Kitty Target
15 Rat Fink Green Gitd Icon Series SDCC 2019 - Toy Tokyo
21 Edgar Allen Poe with Skull Gitd Icon Series B&NS
6 Gitd Chandra Nalaar Magic the Gathering Hot Topic
15 Gitd Spider-man Marvel Gemini Collectibles
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About Glow in the Dark
Courtesy of Ready, set, glow! Turn down the lights to join in the fun with our glow-in-the-dark collectibles. Though these figures may look similar to our regular designs, a flip of the light switch makes all the difference. A special coating allows these collectibles to shine brightly in low-light settings, illuminating their surroundings. Some figures have glow details on specific areas of their design while others glow all over to create a unique silhouette, making your collection look great at any time of night or day!


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