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Number Name Notes
1 Tyrion Lannister
1 Scar Face Tyrion Popcultcha
2 Headless Ned Stark SDCC 13
2 Ned Stark
3 Daenerys Targaryen
3 Daenerys with Golden Dragon Barnes and Noble
3 Daenerys with Red Dragon Production Error
4 Khal Drogo
5 The Hound
6 White Walker
6 Gitd White Walker HMV
7 Beyond the Wall Jon Snow Walmart
7 Jon Snow
7 Bloody Jon Snow Hot Topic
8 Robb Stark
9 Arya Stark
10 Jamie Lannister
11 Cersei Lannister
12 Renly Baratheon
13 Brienne of Tarth
13 Bloody Brienne Hot Topic
14 Joffery Baratheon
15 Hodor
16 Drogon
17 Tywin Lannister
17 Silver Tywin Lannister
18 Ygritte
19 Flocked Ghost SDCC 14
19 Ghost
20 Rhaegal
21 Tyrion Lannister in Battle Armor
22 Viserion Hot Topic
22 Icy Viserion BoxLunch
23 Grey Wind
24 Wedding Dress Daenerys
25 Blue Dress Daenerys
26 Muddy Castle Black Jon Snow Hot Topic
26 Castle Black Jon Snow
27 Samwell Tarly
28 Sansa Stark
29 Petyr Baelish
30 Oberyn Martell
31 The Mountain
32 Grey Worm
33 Wight
34 6 Inch Viserion
35 Golden Hand Jaime Lannister
37 Ramsay Bolton GameStop
38 The Iron Throne
38 Margaery Tyrell
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Funko POP! Game of Thrones Ghost Vinyl Figure
Game of Thrones Tormund POP Vinyl Figure Standard
Funko POP Game of Thrones: Daenerys Targaryen Vinyl Figure (Colors May Vary)


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