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Number Name Category Notes
4 Leonardo Neon 8-Bit FunkoShop
5 Donatello Neon 8-Bit FunkoShop
6 Raphael Neon 8-Bit FunkoShop
7 Michelangelo Neon 8-Bit FunkoShop
10 Freddy Funko 8-Bit FunkoShop
Snap - Crackle - Pop Advertising 3-Pack - FunkoShop
McDonalds Fry Guys Advertising 2-Pack - FunkoShop
6 Fruit Brute Advertising FunkoShop
7 Yummy Mummy Advertising FunkoShop
8 Tony the Tiger Advertising FunkoShop
8 Flocked Tony the Tiger Advertising FunkoShop
9 Sonny the Cuckoo Advertising FunkoShop
10 Trix Rabbit Advertising FunkoShop
10 Flocked Trix Rabbit Advertising FunkoShop
11 Gitd Lucky the Leprechaun Advertising FunkoShop
11 Lucky the Leprechaun Advertising FunkoShop
13 Toucan Sam Advertising FunkoShop
13 Toucan Sam Metallic Advertising FunkoShop
16 Jean LaFoot Advertising FunkoShop
20 Gitd Cozmic Capn Advertising FunkoShop
26 Fruit Pie the Magician Silver Advertising FunkoShop
26 Fruit Pie the Magician Advertising FunkoShop
27 White Hat/Red Bandana Twinkie the kid Advertising FunkoShop
28 King Ding Dong Advertising FunkoShop
28 King Ding Dong Silver Advertising FunkoShop
33 Count Chocula Advertising FunkoShop
34 Franken Berry Advertising FunkoShop
35 Boo Berry Advertising FunkoShop
37 Pillsbury Doughboy Advertising FunkoShop
54 Charlie the Tuna Advertising FunkoShop
55 Wally Warheads Advertising FunkoShop
56 Milton the Toaster Pop-Tarts Advertising FunkoShop
57 Fanta Clown Advertising FunkoShop
58 Coca-Cola Polar Bear Flocked Advertising FunkoShop
60 Count Chocula 10 Inch Advertising FunkoShop
61 Franken Berry 10 Inch Advertising FunkoShop
62 Mr. Owl Tootsie Roll Advertising FunkoShop
65 Pillsbury Doughboy with Cookies Advertising FunkoShop
66 Captain Cupcake Advertising FunkoShop
66 Captain Cupcake Silver Advertising FunkoShop
67 Quake Advertising FunkoShop
68 Quisp Advertising FunkoShop
70 Tony the Tiger 10 Inch Advertising FunkoShop
71 Big Yella Advertising FunkoShop
72 Icee Polar Bear Advertising FunkoShop
73 Energizer Bunny Flocked Advertising FunkoShop
76 Smokey Bear with Bucket Advertising FunkoShop
78 Chester Cheetah with Bag Advertising FunkoShop
92 Big Boy 10 Inch Advertising FunkoShop
93 Pilllbury Doughboy with Heart Advertising FunkoShop
94 Pilllbury Doughboy with Easter Basket Advertising FunkoShop
95 Cap N Crunch 10 Inch Advertising FunkoShop
96 Woodsy Owl Flocked Advertising FunkoShop
121 Tony the Tiger Retro Frosted Flakes Advertising FunkoShop
143 Stewardess with White Bag Advertising FunkoShop
Flocked Tom - Jerry Animated 2-Pack - FunkoShop
40 Holiday Lil Gruesome Animated FunkoShop
40 White Lil Gruesome Animated FunkoShop
136 Yellow Hair Bear Animated FunkoShop
187 Yogi Animated FunkoShop
188 Boo Boo Animated FunkoShop
189 Ranger Smith Animated FunkoShop
204 Pebbles Animated FunkoShop
205 Bamm Bamm Animated FunkoShop
263 Flocked Gossamer Animated FunkoShop
277 Flocked Breezly Animated FunkoShop
278 Flocked Sneezly Animated FunkoShop
326 Gremlin Animated FunkoShop
357 Bedtime Bear Animated FunkoShop
404 Tom With Cleaver Animated FunkoShop
405 Jerry with Cheese Animated FunkoShop
406 Dino Blue Animated FunkoShop
406 Dino Green Animated FunkoShop
406 Dino Red Animated FunkoShop
406 Dino Yellow Animated FunkoShop
410 Jerry with Dynamite Animated FunkoShop
420 Trick or Sweet Bear Animated FunkoShop
432 Christmas Wishes Bear Animated FunkoShop
505 Elf Betty Boop and Pudgy Animated FunkoShop
513 Mr. Spacely Animated FunkoShop
525 Felix the Cat with Bag Animated FunkoShop
597 Hoppy the Hopparoo Animated SDCC 2019 - FunkoShop
598 Baby Puss Animated SDCC 2019 - FunkoShop
599 Lazy Luke Animated SDCC 2019 - FunkoShop
600 Sergeant Blast Animated SDCC 2019 - FunkoShop
631 Werewolf Animated FunkoShop
632 Captain Cutler Gitd Animated FunkoShop
633 Scrappy-Doo Animated FunkoShop
638 American Cares Bear Animated FunkoShop
655 Scooby-Dooo Animated FunkoShop - Holiday
657 Barney Rubble Animated FunkoShop
658 Fred Flintstone Animated FunkoShop
667 Hologram Rick Clone Gitd Animated FunkoShop
680 Johnny Bravo Animated FunkoShop
696 WIlma Flintstone Animated FunkoShop
697 Betty Rubble Animated FunkoShop
731 Dexter Animated FunkoShop
734 Wile E Coyote Animated FunkoShop
735 Road Runner Animated FunkoShop
825 Jonny Quest with Bandit Animated FunkoShop
826 Hadji Animated FunkoShop
885 Beagle Scout Snoopy with Woodstock Animated FunkoShop
888 Kyo with Cat Animated FunkoShop
895 Inspector Gadget Skates Animated FunkoShop
908 Ralph Animated FunkoShop
909 Homer Watching TV Deluxe Animated FunkoShop
928 Brown Flocked Animated FunkoShop
958 Morty with Shrunken Rick Animated FunkoShop
995 Aang Metallic Animated FunkoShop
995 Aang Animated FunkoShop
1008 Infinite Deku with Eri Gitd Animated FunkoShop
1009 Eijiro Unbreakable Metallic Animated FunkoShop
1031 Homer Jack-in-the-Box Gitd Animated FunkoShop
1129 Samurai Brook Animated FunkoShop
1129 Samurai Brook Animated FunkoShop - Chase
1131 Armored Chopper Animated FunkoShop - Chase
1140 Shredder with Weapon Gitd Animated FunkoShop
1164 Nobara Kugisaki Animated FunkoShop
1231 Pitou Animated FunkoShop
1238 Dorothy Animated FunkoShop
1253 Senemi Shinazugawa Animated FunkoShop
1262 Armored Luffy Animated FunkoShop - Chase
1262 Armored Luffy Animated FunkoShop
1266 Snake-Man Luffy Metallic Animated FunkoShop
1274 Gol D. Roger Animated FunkoShop - Chase
1274 Gol D. Roger Animated FunkoShop
1303 Yelena Animated FunkoShop
1311 Kirara and Shippo Flocked Animated FunkoShop - Chase
1311 Kirara and Shippo Animated FunkoShop
6 Zero Art Series FunkoShop
12 Scooby-Doo Art Series FunkoShop
13 Bugs Bunny Art Series FunkoShop
39 Oogie Boogie Art Series FunkoShop
1 Mr. Monopoly Silver Board Games FunkoShop
1 Mr. Monopoly with Money Bag Board Games FunkoShop
12 White Grinch Books FunkoShop
23 Cthulhu 10 Inch Books FunkoShop
24 Waldo Books FunkoShop
9 Lavender Bunny Peeps Candy FunkoShop
20 Wolverine Comic Covers FunkoShop
22 Garfield with Mug Comics FunkoShop
Wonder Woman Chrome Gold Red Blue DC 3-Pack - FunkoShop
226 Wonder Woman DC FunkoShop
374 Imperial Palace Batman Blue DC FunkoShop
8 Indiana Jones Die-Cast FunkoShop
8 Indiana Jones Metallic Die-Cast FunkoShop - Chase
1 Green/Blue Mickey Mouse Disney NYC Exhibit - FunkoShop
1 Peaches/Cream Mickey Mouse Disney NYC Exhibit - FunkoShop
1 Blue/Purple Mickey Mouse Disney NYC Exhibit - FunkoShop
1 Pink/Teal Mickey Mouse Disney NYC Exhibit - FunkoShop
1 Green/Yellow Mickey Mouse Disney NYC Exhibit - FunkoShop
1 Pink/Purple Mickey Mouse Disney NYC Exhibit - FunkoShop
1 Yellow/Orange Mickey Mouse Disney NYC Exhibit - FunkoShop
125 Stitch 626 Metallic Disney FunkoShop
401 Monster Jack-Jack Disney FunkoShop
520 Bullseye Flocked Disney FunkoShop
542 Princess Jasmine Diamond Disney FunkoShop
591 Anna Disney FunkoShop
719 Tinker Bell Disney FunkoShop Holiday
757 Bullseye Disney FunkoShop
784 Stitch on Tricycle Disney FunkoShop
810 Oogie Boogie Gitd 10 Inch Disney FunkoShop
885 Indiana Jones 10 Inch Gold Disney FunkoShop
985 Dumbo Disney FunkoShop
1048 Stitch with Record Player Disney FunkoShop - Chase
1048 Stitch with Record Player Disney FunkoShop
1058 Alice Curtsying Black Light Disney FunkoShop
1059 Cheshire Cat Black Light Disney FunkoShop
1060 Mad Hatter Black Light Disney FunkoShop
1063 Queen of Hearts with King Black Light Disney FunkoShop
1120 Wall-E with Hubcap Disney FunkoShop
1150 Bruno Madrigal Gitd Disney FunkoShop
1162 Moana with Pin Disney FunkoShop
1165 Stitch on the Peoplemover Disney FunkoShop
1185 Red Panda Mei Flocked Disney FunkoShop
1213 Sox Flocked Disney FunkoShop
1230 Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Alpha Disney FunkoShop
7 Shangela Drag Queens Hot Topic - FunkoShop
8 Pabllo Vittar Drag Queens Hot Topic - FunkoShop
9 Adore Delano Drag Queens Hot Topic - FunkoShop
26 Fwoooper Fantastic Beasts FunkoShop
28 Gitd Zouwu Fantastic Beasts FunkoShop
DIY Freddy Funko Freddy Funko FunkoShop
9 Happy Holidays Freddy Funko FunkoShop
441 Ashe with Outfit Games FunkoShop
632 Classic Sonic Flocked Games FunkoShop
883 Wattson with Nessie Cyper Punked Games GameStop - FunkoShop
111 Harry with Cloak Harry Potter FunkoShop
36 Hello Kitty Gold Metal Flocked Hello Kitty FunkoShop
43 Sky Diamond Hello Kitty FunkoShop
9 Daemon Targaryen with Dragon Egg House of the Dragon FunkoShop
4 Colonel Sanders with Cane Icon Series FunkoShop
5 Colonel Sanders with Bucket Icon Series FunkoShop
15 Rat Fink Gray Icon Series FunkoShop
275 Okoye Marvel FunkoShop
339 Stonekeeper Marvel FunkoShop
442 Drax Marvel FunkoShop
504 Iceman Flocked Marvel FunkoShop
663 Zombie Magneto Marvel FunkoShop
678 Carnage Black Light Marvel FunkoShop
720 Wolverine Marvel FunkoShop
725 Spider-Man Symbiote Suit Gitd Marvel FunkoShop
726 Stan Lee Endgame Marvel FunkoShop
740 Ikaris Marvel FunkoShop
747 Loki Gitd Marvel FunkoShop
786 Nerd Deadpool Marvel FunkoShop
796 Zombie Moon Knight Marvel FunkoShop
822 Hulk Black Light Marvel FunkoShop
827 Pietro Maximoff Marvel FunkoShop
833 Hulk Gitd Marvel FunkoShop
864 Hot Rocks Marvel FunkoShop
868 Iron Patriot Marvel FunkoShop
883 Venomized Kingpin Marvel FunkoShop
900 Kid Loki Metallic Marvel FunkoShop
928 The Watcher Marvel FunkoShop
1074 Moon Knight Marvel FunkoShop
1169 Spider-Man Marvel FunkoShop
1208 Baby Rocket Raccoon Flocked Marvel FunkoShop
1213 Groot Marvel FunkoShop
1231 Spider-Punk Marvel FunkoShop
2 Alt Jersey Robinson Cano MLB Players FunkoShop
Vegan Police Movies 2-Pack - SDCC 2019 - FunkoShop
Frog Brothers Movies 2-Pack - FunkoShop
Katayanagi Twins Movies 2-Pack - NYCC 2018 - FunkoShop
344 Paul Feig Movies FunkoShop
402 Todd Ingram Movies FunkoShop
403 Envy Adams Movies FunkoShop
511 Nux with Goggles Movies FunkoShop
576 Randy Watson Movies FunkoShop
606 Lucas Lee Movies Fan Expo Canada 2018 - FunkoShop
618 Rory Predator Mas Movies FunkoShop
638 Buddy Elf Movies FunkoShop
687 Glitter Light Fury Movies FunkoShop
718 Agent J Movies FunkoShop
719 Ramona Flowers with Mallet Movies ECCC 2019 - FunkoShop
748 Scary Library Ghost Translucent Movies FunkoShop
781 Pennywise Funhouse Bloody Movies FunkoShop
821 T-800 Battle Movies FunkoShop
824 Baseball Fury Green Movies FunkoShop
824 Baseball Fury Red Movies FunkoShop
834 Chris Washington Bloody Movies FunkoShop
840 Jason Wilson Movies FunkoShop
859 Maximus with Helmet Movies FunkoShop
885 Indiana Jones Gold 10 Inch Movies FunkoShop
889 Happy Gilmore with Stick Movies FunkoShop
897 Billy Madison White Sweater Movies FunkoShop
982 Edward with Kabobs Movies FunkoShop
1003 Jay Movies FunkoShop
1006 The Inventor Movies FunkoShop
1025 Marty in Jacket Movies FunkoShop
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