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Number Name Category
Black Panther vs Monster Hunter Marvel
Captain Marvel vs Chun-Li Marvel
Gamora vs Strider Marvel
Rocket vs Mega Man Marvel
AShley Too Doll Evil Television
1 Metallic Purple Haze Rock
1 Gitd Jason Voorhees Movies
1 Adam Bomb Gitd Garbage Pail Kids
1 Metallic Batman DC
1 Hellboy with Horns Comics
2 Gold Colorway 1950s Elvis Rock
2 Gitd Freddy Kreuger Movies
2 Metallic Robin DC
3 Diana Red Gown Royals
3 Gitd 1970s Elvis Rock
3 Gitd Michael Myers Movies
3 Metallic Batgirl Yellow Symbol DC
4 Gitd The Demon Rock
4 Metallic Penguin DC
4 Gitd Clockwork Orange Alex DeLarge Classic Movies
4 Metallic Red Ninja Batty Shogun Ugly Dolls
5 Gitd Spaceman Rock
5 Gitd Beetlejuice Movies
5 Metallic Riddler DC
5 Gitd Little Babo Ugly Dolls
6 Gitd Starchild Rock
6 Metallic Joker DC
7 Gitd Catman Rock
7 Metallic Superman DC
7 Bobblehead Metallic Superman DC
8 Metallic Reggae Rase Rock
8 Sgt. Johnson with Cigar Halo
8 Metallic Wonder Woman DC
9 Metallic Bobblehead Green Lantern DC
9 Rainbow Troll 10 Inch Trolls
9 Yesss Metallic Wreck-It-Ralph
10 Metallic Flash DC
10 The Will Bloody Comics
11 Terrance with Flag South Park
11 The Joker Metallic 8-Bit
12 Phillip with Flag South Park
12 Zartan Retro Toys
12 Blue Grinch Books
12 Predator Gitd 8-Bit
13 Magnet Missle 8-Bit
14 Slog with Grub Monsters
14 Krampus Snow Flocked Holiday
14 Krampus Red Holiday
14 Newt Scamander with Book Fantastic Beasts
14 Raiden Gitd 8-Bit
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Funko Pop! Rocks: Biggie - Notorious B.I.G, Multicolor (45430)
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