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Asgardians Funko Pop! Vinyl


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Number Name Notes
1 Thor
2 Loki
12 Thor
16 Gold Helmet Loki SDCC 12
35 Dark World Thor
35 B&W Dark World Thor Gemini Collectibles
36 Helmeted Loki
36 B&W Dark World Loki Fugitive Toys
36 Dark World Loki
36 Frost Giant Loki Fugitive Toys - SDCC 14
36 B&W Helmeted Loki Hot Topic
36 Gitd Frost Giant Loki Fugitive Toys/SDCC 14
38 Helmeted Thor Hot Topic
54 Odin
55 Heimdall
56 Lady Sif
69 Thor
97 Secret Wars Lady Thor Collector Corps.
240 Thor
242 Loki
243 Hela
244 Valkryie
245 Heimdall
246 Long Hair Thor Hot Topic
247 Thor with Helmet Collector Corps.
248 Loki Collector Corps.
251 Hela Target
286 Infinity War Thor
286 IW Gitd Thor Asia
335 Thor Odin Force SDCC
336 Valkyrie SDCC
362 Hulk Smashing Loki Walgreens
368 Venomized Loki Target
376 Gold Chrome Loki
381 Gold Chrome Thor
438 Classic Thor ECCC
451 Gitd Thor Shirt Combo Hot Topic
452 Thor 3 Pack Cards Entertainment Earth
452 Gitd Thor Tshirt Combo GameStop
479 Lebowski Thor
482 Thor with Mojinir & Stormbreaker
508 Loki First Appearance MCC
578 Bro Thor with Pizza
628 Thor
628 Thor Gitd Amazon
707 Thor vs Thanos Movie Moments
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