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2021 Onyx Vintage Football Cards


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Quick Info:
Approx Price: Approx. $100USD Per Hobby Box
Relase Date: May 5th, 2021
Hobby Config: 4 cards per pack, 1 pack per box, 24 boxes per case
Hobby Box: 2 Autographs and 2 Base Cards


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Name Number Card Set Print Run Team
Adetokunbo Ogundeji Base
Adetokunbo Ogundeji Blue Signatures 400
Adetokunbo Ogundeji Green Signatures 50
Adetokunbo Ogundeji Red Signatures 25
Adetokunbo Ogundeji Black Signatures 5
Adrian Ealy Base
Adrian Ealy Blue Signatures 400
Adrian Ealy Green Signatures 50
Adrian Ealy Red Signatures 25
Adrian Ealy Black Signatures 5
Alijah Vera-Tucker Base
Alijah Vera-Tucker Blue Signatures 400
Alijah Vera-Tucker Green Signatures 50
Alijah Vera-Tucker Red Signatures 25
Alijah Vera-Tucker Black Signatures 5
Amari Rodgers Base
Amari Rodgers Blue Signatures 400
Amari Rodgers Green Signatures 50
Amari Rodgers Red Signatures 25
Amari Rodgers Black Signatures 5
Amen Ogbongbeniga Base
Amen Ogbongbeniga Blue Signatures 400
Amen Ogbongbeniga Green Signatures 50
Amen Ogbongbeniga Red Signatures 25
Amen Ogbongbeniga Black Signatures 5
Amon-Ra St. Brown Base
Amon-Ra St. Brown Blue Signatures 400
Amon-Ra St. Brown Green Signatures 50
Amon-Ra St. Brown Red Signatures 25
Amon-Ra St. Brown Black Signatures 5
Anthony Hines Base
Anthony Hines Blue Signatures 400
Anthony Hines Green Signatures 50
Anthony Hines Red Signatures 25
Anthony Hines Black Signatures 5
ArDarius Washington Base
ArDarius Washington Blue Signatures 400
ArDarius Washington Green Signatures 50
ArDarius Washington Red Signatures 25
ArDarius Washington Black Signatures 5
Ben Skowronek Base
Ben Skowronek Blue Signatures 400
Ben Skowronek Green Signatures 50
Ben Skowronek Red Signatures 25
Ben Skowronek Black Signatures 5
Brandon Smith Base
Brandon Smith Blue Signatures 400
Brandon Smith Green Signatures 50
Brandon Smith Red Signatures 25
Brandon Smith Black Signatures 5
Brevin Jordan Base
Brevin Jordan Blue Signatures 400
Brevin Jordan Green Signatures 50
Brevin Jordan Red Signatures 25
Brevin Jordan Black Signatures 5
Cade Johnson Base
Cade Johnson Blue Signatures 400
Cade Johnson Green Signatures 50
Cade Johnson Red Signatures 25
Cade Johnson Black Signatures 5
Cameron Sample Base
Cameron Sample Blue Signatures 400
Cameron Sample Green Signatures 50
Cameron Sample Red Signatures 25
Cameron Sample Black Signatures 5
Chuba Hubbard Base
Chuba Hubbard Blue Signatures 400
Chuba Hubbard Green Signatures 50
Chuba Hubbard Red Signatures 25
Chuba Hubbard Black Signatures 5
Cole Van Lanen Base
Cole Van Lanen Blue Signatures 400
Cole Van Lanen Green Signatures 50
Cole Van Lanen Red Signatures 25
Cole Van Lanen Black Signatures 5
Connor Wedington Base
Connor Wedington Blue Signatures 400
Connor Wedington Green Signatures 50
Connor Wedington Red Signatures 25
Connor Wedington Black Signatures 5
Curtis Robinson Base
Curtis Robinson Blue Signatures 400
Curtis Robinson Green Signatures 50
Curtis Robinson Red Signatures 25
Curtis Robinson Black Signatures 5
Damonte Coxie Base
Damonte Coxie Blue Signatures 400
Damonte Coxie Green Signatures 50
Damonte Coxie Red Signatures 25
Damonte Coxie Black Signatures 5
Demetric Felton Base
Demetric Felton Blue Signatures 400
Demetric Felton Green Signatures 50
Demetric Felton Red Signatures 25
Demetric Felton Black Signatures 5
Deommodore Lenoir Base
Deommodore Lenoir Blue Signatures 400
Deommodore Lenoir Green Signatures 50
Deommodore Lenoir Red Signatures 25
Deommodore Lenoir Black Signatures 5
DeVonta Smith Base
DeVonta Smith Blue Signatures 400
DeVonta Smith Green Signatures 50
DeVonta Smith Red Signatures 25
DeVonta Smith Black Signatures 5
Dwayne Eskridge Base
Dwayne Eskridge Blue Signatures 400
Dwayne Eskridge Green Signatures 50
Dwayne Eskridge Red Signatures 25
Dwayne Eskridge Black Signatures 5
Dyami Brown Base
Dyami Brown Blue Signatures 400
Dyami Brown Green Signatures 50
Dyami Brown Red Signatures 25
Dyami Brown Black Signatures 5
Dylan Moses Base
Dylan Moses Blue Signatures 400
Dylan Moses Green Signatures 50
Dylan Moses Red Signatures 25
Dylan Moses Black Signatures 5
Eli Manning Base
Eli Manning Blue Signatures 400
Eli Manning Green Signatures 50
Eli Manning Red Signatures 25
Eli Manning Black Signatures 5
Elijah Mitchell Base
Elijah Mitchell Blue Signatures 400
Elijah Mitchell Green Signatures 50
Elijah Mitchell Red Signatures 25
Elijah Mitchell Black Signatures 5
Elijah Molden Base
Elijah Molden Blue Signatures 400
Elijah Molden Green Signatures 50
Elijah Molden Red Signatures 25
Elijah Molden Black Signatures 5
Elijah Moore Base
Elijah Moore Blue Signatures 400
Elijah Moore Green Signatures 50
Elijah Moore Red Signatures 25
Elijah Moore Black Signatures 5
Garret Wallow Base
Garret Wallow Blue Signatures 400
Garret Wallow Green Signatures 50
Garret Wallow Red Signatures 25
Garret Wallow Black Signatures 5
Greg Newsome II Base
Greg Newsome II Blue Signatures 400
Greg Newsome II Green Signatures 50
Greg Newsome II Red Signatures 25
Greg Newsome II Black Signatures 5
Hamsah Nasirildeen Base
Hamsah Nasirildeen Blue Signatures 400
Hamsah Nasirildeen Green Signatures 50
Hamsah Nasirildeen Red Signatures 25
Hamsah Nasirildeen Black Signatures 5
Hunter Long Base
Hunter Long Blue Signatures 400
Hunter Long Green Signatures 50
Hunter Long Red Signatures 25
Hunter Long Black Signatures 5
Ihmir Smith-Marsette Base
Ihmir Smith-Marsette Blue Signatures 400
Ihmir Smith-Marsette Green Signatures 50
Ihmir Smith-Marsette Red Signatures 25
Ihmir Smith-Marsette Black Signatures 5
Jaelan Philips Base
Jaelan Philips Blue Signatures 400
Jaelan Philips Green Signatures 50
Jaelan Philips Red Signatures 25
Jaelan Philips Black Signatures 5
Jalen Mayfield Base
Jalen Mayfield Blue Signatures 400
Jalen Mayfield Green Signatures 50
Jalen Mayfield Red Signatures 25
Jalen Mayfield Black Signatures 5
Jamie Newman Base
Jamie Newman Blue Signatures 400
Jamie Newman Green Signatures 50
Jamie Newman Red Signatures 25
Jamie Newman Black Signatures 5
Jared Goldwire Base
Jared Goldwire Blue Signatures 400
Jared Goldwire Green Signatures 50
Jared Goldwire Red Signatures 25
Jared Goldwire Black Signatures 5
Javonte Williams Base
Javonte Williams Blue Signatures 400
Javonte Williams Green Signatures 50
Javonte Williams Red Signatures 25
Javonte Williams Black Signatures 5
Jaycee Horn Base
Jaycee Horn Blue Signatures 400
Jaycee Horn Green Signatures 50
Jaycee Horn Red Signatures 25
Jaycee Horn Black Signatures 5
Jaylen Waddle Base
Jaylen Waddle Blue Signatures 400
Jaylen Waddle Green Signatures 50
Jaylen Waddle Red Signatures 25
Jaylen Waddle Black Signatures 5
Jeremiah OwusuKoramoah Base
Jeremiah OwusuKoramoah Blue Signatures 400
Jeremiah OwusuKoramoah Green Signatures 50
Jeremiah OwusuKoramoah Red Signatures 25
Jeremiah OwusuKoramoah Black Signatures 5
Jermar Jefferson Base
Jermar Jefferson Blue Signatures 400
Jermar Jefferson Green Signatures 50
Jermar Jefferson Red Signatures 25
Jermar Jefferson Black Signatures 5
Justin Fields Base
Justin Fields Blue Signatures 400
Justin Fields Green Signatures 50
Justin Fields Red Signatures 25
Justin Fields Black Signatures 5
Justin Herbert Base
Justin Herbert Blue Signatures 400
Justin Herbert Green Signatures 50
Justin Herbert Red Signatures 25
Justin Herbert Black Signatures 5
Kadarius Toney Base
Kadarius Toney Blue Signatures 400
Kadarius Toney Green Signatures 50
Kadarius Toney Red Signatures 25
Kadarius Toney Black Signatures 5
Kwity Paye Base
Kwity Paye Blue Signatures 400
Kwity Paye Green Signatures 50
Kwity Paye Red Signatures 25
Kwity Paye Black Signatures 5
Kyle Pitts Base
Kyle Pitts Blue Signatures 400
Kyle Pitts Green Signatures 50
Kyle Pitts Red Signatures 25
Kyle Pitts Black Signatures 5
Kylin Hill Base
Kylin Hill Blue Signatures 400
Kylin Hill Green Signatures 50
Kylin Hill Red Signatures 25
Kylin Hill Black Signatures 5
Levi Onwuzurike Base
Levi Onwuzurike Blue Signatures 400
Levi Onwuzurike Green Signatures 50
Levi Onwuzurike Red Signatures 25
Levi Onwuzurike Black Signatures 5
Liam Eichenberg Base
Liam Eichenberg Blue Signatures 400
Liam Eichenberg Green Signatures 50
Liam Eichenberg Red Signatures 25
Liam Eichenberg Black Signatures 5
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