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Tim Hortons Hockey Cards based on the Most Ebay Bids, Top 100 results shown.

A Fun Product from Upper Deck, Tim Hortons packs are offered for sale with a beverage or food for $1.00 CDN per pack, or $2.00 per pack without. The redemptions for jersey or autograph cards command an extremely high value because of rarity.


#ad - Tim Horton Coffee on Amazon - 50 Cent Kcups.
Tim Hortons Original Blend, Medium Roast Coffee, Single-Serve K-Cup Pods for Keurig Brewers, Recyclable, 80 Count
$39.99 ($0.50 / Count)
Tim Hortons Original Blend, Medium Roast Ground Coffee, 100% Arabica, 48 Ounce Canister
$25.99 ($0.54 / Ounce)
Tim Horton's Single Serve Coffee Cups, Original Blend, 24 Count
$21.21 ($0.88 / Count)

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