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2014 Topps Series 1 Baseball - Milwaukee Brewers

(178) Arizona Diamondbacks (142) Milwaukee Brewers
(175) Atlanta Braves (117) Minnesota Twins
(171) Baltimore Orioles (156) New York Mets
(304) Boston Red Sox (198) New York Yankees
(137) Chicago_Cubs (204) Oakland Athletics
(135) Chicago White Sox (145) Philadelphia Phillies
(206) Cincinnati Reds (163) Pittsburgh Pirates
(132) Cleveland Indians (183) San Diego Padres
(165) Colorado Rockies (160) San Francisco Giants
(281) Detroit_Tigers (210) Seattle Mariners
(138) Houston Astros (210) St. Louis Cardinals
(125) Kansas City Royals (165) Tampa Bay Rays
(199) Los Angeles Angels (206) Texas Rangers
(205) Los Angeles Dodgers (186) Toronto Blue Jays
(129) Miami Marlins (137) Washington Nationals

Numbers in brackets represent hits per team. Click Teams for Detailed Player Hits.






PlayerCard SetPrint Run
Carlos Gomez Base 0
Carlos Gomez Base Black 63
Carlos Gomez Base Camo 99
Carlos Gomez Base Clear 10
Carlos Gomez Base Gold 2014
Carlos Gomez Base Gold Label 99
Carlos Gomez Base Green 0
Carlos Gomez Base Orange 0
Carlos Gomez Base Pink 50
Carlos Gomez Base Platinum 1
Carlos Gomez Base Red Foil 0
Carlos Gomez Base Yellow 0
Carlos Gomez Silk Collection 50
Carlos Gomez Power Player Code 0
Carlos Gomez In the Name Relics 5
FN-7 Jean Segura The Future is Now 0
FN-8 Jean Segura The Future is Now 0
FN-9 Jean Segura The Future is Now 0
FNA-JS1 Jean Segura The Future is Now Autograph 25
FNA-JS2 Jean Segura The Future is Now Autograph 25
FNA-JS3 Jean Segura The Future is Now Autograph 25
FNAR-JS1 Jean Segura The Future is Now Autograph Relics 10
FNAR-JS2 Jean Segura The Future is Now Autograph Relics 10
FNAR-JS3 Jean Segura The Future is Now Autograph Relics 10
FNR-JS1 Jean Segura The Future is Now Relics 99
FNR-JS2 Jean Segura The Future is Now Relics 99
FNR-JS3 Jean Segura The Future is Now Relics 99
Gary Sheffield Upper Class 0
Gary Sheffield Upper Class Autographs 50
Gary Sheffield Upper Class Autograph Relics 25
Jean Segura Base Future Stars 0
Jean Segura Base Black 63
Jean Segura Base Camo 99
Jean Segura Base Clear 10
Jean Segura Base Gold 2014
Jean Segura Base Gold Label 99
Jean Segura Base Green 0
Jean Segura Base Orange 0
Jean Segura Base Pink 50
Jean Segura Base Platinum 1
Jean Segura Base Red Foil 0
Jean Segura Base Yellow 0
Jean Segura Silk Collection 50
Jean Segura Trajectory Autographs 0
Jean Segura Strata Signature Autograph Relics 25
Jean Segura Trajectory Relics 0
Jim Henderson Base 0
Jim Henderson Base Black 63
Jim Henderson Base Camo 99
Jim Henderson Base Clear 10
Jim Henderson Base Gold 2014
Jim Henderson Base Gold Label 99
Jim Henderson Base Green 0
Jim Henderson Base Orange 0
Jim Henderson Base Pink 50
Jim Henderson Base Platinum 1
Jim Henderson Base Red Foil 0
Jim Henderson Base Yellow 0
Jonathan Lucroy Base 0
Jonathan Lucroy Base Black 63
Jonathan Lucroy Base Camo 99
Jonathan Lucroy Base Clear 10
Jonathan Lucroy Base Gold 2014
Jonathan Lucroy Base Gold Label 99
Jonathan Lucroy Base Green 0
Jonathan Lucroy Base Orange 0
Jonathan Lucroy Base Pink 50
Jonathan Lucroy Base Platinum 1
Jonathan Lucroy Base Red Foil 0
Jonathan Lucroy Base Yellow 0
Khris Davis Base 0
Khris Davis Base Black 63
Khris Davis Base Camo 99
Khris Davis Base Clear 10
Khris Davis Base Gold 2014
Khris Davis Base Gold Label 99
Khris Davis Base Green 0
Khris Davis Base Orange 0
Khris Davis Base Pink 50
Khris Davis Base Platinum 1
Khris Davis Base Red Foil 0
Khris Davis Base Yellow 0
Kyle Lohse Base 0
Kyle Lohse Base Black 63
Kyle Lohse Base Camo 99
Kyle Lohse Base Clear 10
Kyle Lohse Base Gold 2014
Kyle Lohse Base Gold Label 99
Kyle Lohse Base Green 0
Kyle Lohse Base Orange 0
Kyle Lohse Base Pink 50
Kyle Lohse Base Platinum 1
Kyle Lohse Base Red Foil 0
Kyle Lohse Base Yellow 0
Kyle Lohse Silk Collection 50
Kyle Lohse Power Player Code 0
Paul Molitor Rookie Cup All Stars Commemorative Vintage 25
Prince Fielder Upper Class 0
Prince Fielder Upper Class Relics 99
Rickie Weeks Base 0
Rickie Weeks Base Black 63
Rickie Weeks Base Camo 99
Rickie Weeks Base Clear 10
Rickie Weeks Base Gold 2014
Rickie Weeks Base Gold Label 99
Rickie Weeks Base Green 0
Rickie Weeks Base Orange 0
Rickie Weeks Base Pink 50
Rickie Weeks Base Platinum 1
Rickie Weeks Base Red Foil 0
Rickie Weeks Base Yellow 0
Rickie Weeks Trajectory Relics 0
Robin Yount Top 25 Rookie Reprints 0
Robin Yount Trajectory Relics 0
Ryan Braun Upper Class 0
Ryan Braun Upper Class Autograph Relics 25
Ryan Braun Rookie Cup All Stars Commemorative Vintage 25
Ryan Braun Spring Fever 0
Scooter Gennett Base 0
Scooter Gennett Base Black 63
Scooter Gennett Base Camo 99
Scooter Gennett Base Clear 10
Scooter Gennett Base Gold 2014
Scooter Gennett Base Gold Label 99
Scooter Gennett Base Green 0
Scooter Gennett Base Orange 0
Scooter Gennett Base Pink 50
Scooter Gennett Base Platinum 1
Scooter Gennett Base Red Foil 0
Scooter Gennett Base Yellow 0
Wily Peralta Base 0
Wily Peralta Base Black 63
Wily Peralta Base Camo 99
Wily Peralta Base Clear 10
Wily Peralta Base Gold 2014
Wily Peralta Base Gold Label 99
Wily Peralta Base Green 0
Wily Peralta Base Orange 0
Wily Peralta Base Pink 50
Wily Peralta Base Platinum 1
Wily Peralta Base Red Foil 0
Wily Peralta Base Yellow 0







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