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2015 Flawless Foorball Peyton Manning auto patch #12/25 (Broncos)

Price $ 89.0

Number of Bids: 177

Time Left - 3 D 5 H 24 M 15 S
Right now on Ebay:
UD The Cup LOT Rookie Auto Patch $$ HUGE BV $$ 2014/15 2013/14 2012/13 2011/12

Price $ 590.0

Number of Bids: 66

Time Left - 3 H 53 M 23 S



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A quick way to browse teams and cards. All card information is from the OFFICIAL CHECKLIST provided from the product companies, any errors shown on reflect whats written on the official checklists. We are also a great resource for quickly checking your team or favorite players in each product.


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As new products become available we are committed to adding our Data as soon as possible, there may be some short delays as we find the stats once the official checklist is released. Check back to see of your favorite new product is available yet.


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We are collectors just like you who felt a need for a more detailed and somewhat sortable checklist with a nice interface for all our breaking needs. We hope you enjoy the time we spent to make this a great checklist site, tell your friends!


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    Our Mission is to help you decide what teams you would like to draft or purchase in Group Breaks or just help you find the cards you want fast, naturally you would want teams with top rookies, superstars, legends, or your favorite team. If those are not available maybe our stats will help you pick the team you want fast.


    What are those set numbers?


    If a player is involved in 5 different cards it would add 5 to the team total, so if 10 players all had 5 different card for a team it would show 50 total sets for that team. Keep in mind the card may be anywhere from a common base to a 1/1.


    What are those total numbered cards?


    We also show the count of numbered cards per product for each team, a handy way to quickly see which teams have the most hits. If a team had two cards numbered to /50, then the total numbered cards for that team would be 100. This stat may be meaningless in some products with very few numbered cards.


    Special Sections


    Most checklists will offer extra stats on Top Rookies (Normally the top 6 from that year), Retired Players (Normally legends), One of Ones and No Team (If a retired player has multiple teams, a player is from a defunct team, a card is non sport, all star card, or any card that may be randomed or given to a certain team based on the breakers rules.)


    Checklist Manipulation


    Some cards are commonly given to a current team. Example: Quebec Nordique Cards go to Colorado. checklists automatically move cards like these to existing teams. Quebec cards will be in The Colorado Section, Hartford to Carolina, Old Jets to Phoenix and so on. You will know these cards because the player name will have the old team. Example Joe Sakic/Quebec. This is just a general guideline, some breakers may use different means to distribute these cards.


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